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Apparently things have begun to move on the production front. Barbara wrote to ask if we can have the revisions done by the end of next week. Since they should have been done weeks ago, this is a more than reasonable request.

I just heard from Lisa, the designer who'll be doing the box and book cover design for the deck. She wanted to confirm the spelling of my name. Since my name was misspelled on the title card of Artists Inner Vision Tarot, I greatly appreciate her attention to detail! She also said they had their "Launch" meeting yesterday. Lots of people were there and it sounds like a brainstorming meeting for the title, cover imagery, things like that.

The results sound pretty amazingly good. First of all, they decided to stick with my title, "Victoria Regina Tarot." Whew! I didn't even realize changing the title was a possibility. Good thing I didn't, or I would have spent way too much time worrying about it. They're going to call the book "Victoria Regina Tarot Companion." Sounds good to me.

(It occured to me that maybe I should register and point it to this site. Wouldn't you know it, was taken by someone else last November. Darn! I thought about registering it way back when, but I went for instead.)

Secondly, Lisa is going to do two packaging designs, one based on the mockup I sent them. So they might actually end up incorporating some of my ideas into the final design. Wow. Lisa said something about trying more muted colors. Which makes a lot of sense to me. The mockup I did, I almost ended up using some really soft greens and greys, which are colors I tend to gravitate towards. But I was afraid it would look, I don't know, muddy. So I went for the brighter combination -- blue and ivory with green and orange as an accent. But I'll be happy if the final design uses softer colors.

They are definitely using the full kit size. Much as I like the mini-kit size, I have to admit this is good for the deck. For one thing, it will be more prominent on the shelf. For another, it gives them room to include the bag. Besides, since they got rid of the tray, I really can't complain about the full kit size. My fondness for the mini-kit probably comes from admiring the Light and Shadow Tarot so much. To me it's the gold standard of what a black and white deck should be.

She said she'll do the design over the next 3 months. When it's done and they've decided on the cover, they'll send me a copy and I'll have an opportunity to comment. I guess that means, if I hate it I can plead with them to change it. But I've promised myself, I'm not going to be a prima donna about this. The designer of this packaging is Lisa, not me. She's been very gracious about my suggestions. I wonder how gracious I would be if a client sent me a mockup of exactly how they wanted a project to look.

They probably get all kinds of kooky ideas from their artists & authors about the packaging. It's gratifying that they've taken my ideas this seriously, regardless of how much ends up in the final product.

Anyway, it's hard to believe that I'll see the actual cover in three months. Will it really feel real then? That will be only 9 months from the release date. Barbara was right, the time is flying by.

I almost forgot to mention, I got a very nice email from someone, a writer, who explained to me how copy-editing works. She said that typically, they copy-edit the whole manuscript. Then they send galleys to the author, who can challenge any editing they disagree with, and suggest edits of their own. Of course the author has to persuade the editor to make additional changes or reverse existing ones. That seems very reasonable and I hope that's how Llewellyn does it.

Nothing to Report

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Here's the thing about keeping this diary. A year ago I start it, promising myself that I'm going to write an entry every week. It will be a record of V/R's progress, I say to myself. After the deck is on the shelves I'll be able to look back and see how it all came together. Who knows, maybe someone else will enjoy reading it too.

Then I get busy with actually working on the deck (on the book, to be more precise) and stop writing in the diary. Months later, after everything's been turned in, I'm too burned out to write a diary entry. Even more months go by and now I'm feeling guilty about blowing off the diary, which makes it even harder to write.

Well, obviously I got over that stupidity, or you wouldn't be reading this. Scaled back "once a week" to the much more realistic "once a month." But the sad truth is, a month has gone by since the last entry, and I have nothing to report.

Last time brought spectacular news, with the acceptance of the manuscript, the banishment of the "big box with tray," and the plan to include velvet bags in the package. This time, we're plugging along with the revisions to the manuscript. Just like we were last week, and just like we will be next week. How boring is that.

So far this is the first real revelation to come out of this diary. The publication process is boring. Months go by in which the only progress report is "still writing." Months go by without any activity at all.

Not that I'm complaining. Well, I suppose I am. But it's a wonderful thing to have a publisher to complain about; thanks to Llewellyn for providing the opportunity. This is just by way of explanation of why this journal is so drab. I guess it will get exciting again later this year, when they print the actual cards. But that's a long way off.

For now I can only say, dear reader, that we're still writing.

(ps: I do have one thing to report, now that I think about it. We registered for the New York Tarot Festival in spring 2002. If all goes as planned, that will be just after V/R's release. So the festival will be the deck's coming-out party. Hope to see you there.)

(pps: If you want to read an online diary that's funny, detailed, interesting and regularly updated (unlike this one), check out John Wesley Harding's 2001 Tour Diary. And if you get the chance to see one of his shows, then I envy you. He's not coming to Chapel Hill this time, even though he's doing one of my favorite songs ("If You Have Ghosts") at almost every show. If he were doing "When the Beatles Hit America" I would have driven to Virginia Beach to see it, I love that song so. I saw him play at the local Borders once (what a weird place for a show, but it was a great show) and when he asked for requests, I wanted so badly to yell out "When the Beatles Hit America!" I bet he doesn't get a lot of requests for that one. But I just didn't have the nerve. To be honest, I was star-struck. How pathetic.)

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