We got started a tonight, sort of, by decorating the car with Christmas tree lights for our night out at the drive-in theater. (They showed Superfly!) It was a quick-n-dirty installation: I used electrical tape to attach the lights to the exterior, and my friend Lisa explained about DC inverters that convert the cigarette lighter into an outlet.

We turned on the lights when the sun went down, and they looked pretty good in the dark! It's hard to tell in the picture because the flash went off, and made the car look too bright. I heard someone in a nearby car say, "how come our car doesn't do anything like that??"

However, we were not the most impressive car at the drive-in, not by half. One gentleman brought an amazing Cadillac Eldorado, tricked out with running boards (carpeted!), giant round covers over the headlights, and these tire-shaped decorations on the sides. It was similar to the car in Superfly, only it was a convertible so it was even cooler. The owner told me that he'd had it for 21 years. It was truly an awe-inspiring sight.


Could you please send me some close-ups of the "Superfly Eldorado" showing the attachment and construction of the "Superfly" headlight trim-rings. This is for a restoration project.

Thank you!

Tom Leetz

I would like to get access to that " superfly" custom parts for a 1972 Eldorado. Do you know where I can find them.

I'm sorry, I know nothing about the details of that car or where to buy parts. I just saw it at an event a couple of years ago, thought it looked cool, and took a photo of it. Good luck!

thie vehicle in question not a Cadillac, but a Corvette with Caddy custom fit body parts, created by Les Dunham.

the vehicle, one of which appeared in Superfly & the Roger Moore JamesBond movie set in NYC in the 70エs.... is known as the CABALLISTA. its a corvette conversion kit car.

theres some info about Les & his creations here

The car in the picture above is a Cadillac. It is a superfly type car but not the "Corvorado" as referred to by another posting here. This car is an "Eldorado" in Superfly trim. For more information on these cars and available accessories please see Thanks to Kojak for referring us and trying to straighten this out LES IS BACK!

Did you see this car in Durham NC

I have a 1971 Black Eldorado Convertable with the Superfly Headlights and Grille on it. I recreated the Headlights because I could not find them anywhere .I am in the Boston Mass Area. I will be cruzing around in the summer of 07 and will have a lot of people looking at my car. The car can be available for Rap Videos or Movies.

This Superfly Eldorado has the swangaz (known in H-town as 83s, 84s, elbows). These rims are usually sought after since Weld Wheels discontinued production after 1985 (the only way to get these rims is either paying $10,000 for a whole set, or bootlegged. Currently, these rims are currently made by Texan Wire Wheels.

I'm looking for the Superfly headlight covers for my 1974 "Eldora"Cadillac. My car is fully customized. All I need is those headlight covers. I have the continental kit and the nickel plated front-end and grill. If anyone can help please contact me at Thanks. ZACH.

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