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I heard back from Joanna. Apparently there was some minor holdup and the book didn't go to the printer until Monday or Tuesday. It's probably a good thing I didn't know that, or else I would have spent all weekend thinking up minor little changes which I wouldn't want to ask for, but which would have bothered me immensely. There will be plenty of time for that after I get the printed book!

I asked Joanna about promotion and she said that someone from the publicity department would contact me eventually. I'd like to get started on that as soon as possible so I've started researching online. I found a mailing list called Internet Authors with some great information about promoting your own book. The list is intended for self-published authors who mainly sell their books online, but most of the advice works for me too.

On a related note, I decided that making thefool.com a Flash-only website would be a really stupid idea. The purpose of this site is to promote my deck, not to impress fellow web designers. So I have ditched the mostly-finished Flash site, alas, and will be starting over on Monday with a regular old site.

It's kind of a bummer to abandon all that Flash work. But on the other hand, going back to HTML means that I may actually get the site online before the deck is released. (Sometimes I thought I wouldn't get that Flash site finished until the deck went out of print!) It's easier for me -- both psychologically and practically -- to put online an HTML site that's not quite finished, and clean it up around the edges, adding functions like the online readings and the shopping cart, as I can. A Flash site seems like more of a discrete unit, so I felt more pressure to have it entirely done before going live.

It was a pretty site in any case, if I do say so myself. If you'd like to see it, here it is:


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