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I've had a chance to look at the new site design on a PC, and there are a few glitches. On some pages the name at the top of the screen drifts off to the right. Whoops! I'll have to fix that this weekend.

I added a "white box gallery" to the site. I've heard people talk about decorating the white boxes that come with Llewellyn decks. I'm hoping that folks who decorate their Victoria Regina boxes will send me pictures, and I'll post them on the site. I made it explicitly not a contest because I thought people would be more comfortable sending pictures of their work if they didn't expect to be judged. The tarot folks I know seem to be more in the "collaborative spirit" than the "competitive spirit."

Also I visited the Amazon.com author section. They have it set up so you can FTP cover art, illustrations and pages from your book. Unfortunately, you have to ask them to e-mail you the FTP password before you can send the art. This seems like a real bottleneck in the system to me. But whatever works for them.

Anyway, I've got the cover art and scans of sample cards to send them, as soon as they send me the password. I'm also wondering if I should send them some text. I have the marketing copy from the back of the box and book cover (that's what I used for "about the deck" and "about the book" on this site). Am I supposed to wait and let Llewellyn's publicity department handle this? Or is it OK for me to send stuff to Amazon, BarnesandNoble.com, etc. on my own?

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