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Ahh, a long weekend! We always spend Thanksgiving with family, and then have a quiet Christmas without much celebrating. December is always so crazy that by now, I'm badly in need of a few days to rest and catch up on things.

I think I worked out the glitches in the page layout on a PC. Of course, it will be Wednesday before I can sit in front of a PC and check that. But hardly anyone will be web surfing this weekend, so it doesn't really matter if there's a problem I can't fix until after Christmas.

I added "notes on sources" to the card view. Should have done that a long time ago. Now people can easily find out who the figures are on the court cards. There are a few notes in the book that aren't on the web site, because some were added during editing, but (as I've mentioned before) I stupidly forgot to photocopy our galleys before we sent them back. So I either need to figure out which ones were added and look them up all over again, or else just wait until I get the printed book.

Also I added a list of upcoming events to the home page of the site. It made me a little uncomfortable to do that -- it seems arrogant to think that anyone cares what Georg and I are doing. But on the other hand, a self-effacing attitude isn't very helpful to promoting a book so I guess I need to get over it.

After the deck is out, we'll have book signings and such to list (if the bookstores will have us of course!). But in the meantime, there wasn't much to put up there -- just the art car parade in April and the New York Tarot Festival in June. So I padded the list with our radio shows at WXDU. The station has a pretty decent webcast, so people actually could listen online if they wanted to. I do myself, if Georg is on the air when I'm at work.

Also I sent cover art and "back of the box" text to Barnes and Noble and Books a Million. Sent the text to Amazon.com, but they still haven't given me an ftp password for cover art and sample card scans. Oh well!

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