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I had a great Christmas, how about you? Georg and I spent a quiet long weekend together. Everything was perfect, except that our plan to see Lord of the Rings was thwarted by a crowd of other people who had the same idea. Where did they come from? I've been going to the movies on Christmas day for years, and never saw a crowd like that before.

Anyway, other than that it was great. Right now I'm listening to Aluminum Tunes, a groovy collection of B-sides by Stereolab that Georg gave me. It's a great album even though the packaging is way too clever for its own good. There's a track called "Get Carter." I wonder if it's from the movie of the same name?

It's been a few days since I've posted here, but I haven't been inactive. Au contraire! I've gotten the online readings set up to do four different spreads, including the wonderful "Victoria's Chalice" which Valerie Sim created for the deck. However, Valerie suggested that we might want to check and make sure it's OK with Llewellyn to post spreads from the book on my web site.

I can't imagine Llewellyn will have a problem with it. After all, online readings will promote the deck! People can try out the spread on this site, and the book will include more detailed information and a transcript of an actual reading Valerie did with it. But in any case, I have followed her advice and taken Victoria's Chalice and Victoria's Sceptre off the site until I get Llewellyn's approval. In the meantime you can do a single card draw or a five card reading.

In other news, I finally got the ftp password from Amazon.com. So I sent them my cover art and some other text like a description, "back of the book" text, blurbs, things like that. I also sent info to Barnes and Noble and Books a Million. B&N hasn't done anything yet -- like I would expect them to in the middle of the holiday crush -- but Books a Million has already posted my info!

The web site is basically set up, but of course I'm still tweaking and adding here and there. Got some good advice from Marc, the Man Who Knows All About ASP, on how to make the online readings work better. It won't be noticeable to the user but the page should be more efficient, faster, and easier to add more spreads.

Right now, however, I am about to attempt an upgrade to Greymatter, the marvelous software that runs this diary. I'm a little worried about messing up the diary, but the upgrade might make comments finally work. (Y'all are supposed to be able to post love notes -- or hate mail, your choice -- to this site, but that feature has never worked.) Wish me luck!

(ps: if you have any desire to run your own web journal or weblog, I urge you to check out Greymatter. It really is wonderful software. Best of all it's open source, thus free unless you choose to make a donation. What could be better?)

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