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So I stopped by the mail center this evening. There were three packages: one for Georg from his brother, and two from Llewellyn. One each for Georg and for me.

Production -- at least, our part of it -- is all done, and we aren't due to receive anything from Llewellyn. It's too early to be the finished set, and besides the boxes weren't big enough. But not too small, I realized, to be advance copies of the deck alone.

Could it be? So soon? Probably not. Barbara had written to me just today and mentioned that she didn't have a copy of the deck yet. Surely she'd get her copy before we got ours? But on the other hand, the weight was about right, and the rattling sounded like something solid when I shook it.

I had to know. The drive home was too long to wait. Standing in the mail center, I couldn't help holding my breath while I ripped open the package, and unwrapped...

A mug.

To be fair, it's a perfectly nice mug. It's deep blue, with stars on one side and the Llewellyn logo on the other. It was nice of them to send us something for the holidays. I think I'll take mine to the office.

It's just that, compared to what I thought was in that box, I can't help but feel a bit let down.

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