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There's a Costco about a mile from my house. It's been there for several months, but I have a free membership to Sam's Club through my office, so we've never gotten around to joining Costco. However, Sam's Club is in Cary, and there are two big problems with that: 1. it's far away; 2. I loathe Cary. So we don't get out to Sam's Club very often & don't make good use of the membership.

So anyway, this afternoon we finally went over to Costco and signed up. It was more expensive than I had expected, but they sell gas -- at a substantial discount -- so it won't take too long to save back the membership fee.

Costco is huge. We didn't even buy anything, just walked up and down all the aisles, and it took over and hour and a half. I guess Sam's Club is probably just as big, but there we know which aisle contain products we want, and which we can skip. I'll go back to Costco on Monday (when it isn't so crowded and we've had a chance to clean out the pantry and the freezer) and buy some things.

There are birds living inside. Finches, I think. They hang out in the cereal aisle. I wanted to give them something to eat, but the birdseed was all in boxes, sealed up pretty good. I wonder if they can get out, or if they live their whole lives inside Costco?

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