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If you've looked around this site, you may have noticed the photo of Georg and myself, in which I have green hair. That photo was taken a few years ago. As it happens, right now his hair is green and mine is plain old brown. I'm hoping to fix that soon, but for the time being Georg is the only one with interesting hair.

Anyway, this morning we were having breakfast at Rick's, our favorite diner. At some point during our meal, the owner Deborah came over and mentioned to us that another customer had asked her about Georg's hair. She made a joke that next time someone asked, she was going to tell them that Georg was her son.

She said this in a rather off-hand way, but we were surprised. Particularly by the word another. Fellow patrons of Rick's are in the habit of asking the management about Georg's appearance?

We asked our waiter (who really is Deborah's son). He confirmed that yes, customers do comment on Georg's hair with some frequency. He relayed a hilarious incident -- months ago, he said -- when a customer pointed Georg out and Deborah replied, totally deadpan, "Oh no, they didn't seat him? Is he eating here again? How did he slip in?" To which the customer asked, "Is he mean?"

The waiter couldn't remember how she handled that question (or when exactly it had happened, although he did remember which table we were sitting at). For her part Deborah denied all knowledge of the incident. I'm still laughing over the thought of mean, green-haired Georg sneaking into restaurants. I've got to hurry up and dye my hair again. What on earth will they make of us then?

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