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Whew! The chapter illustrations are all sent in. Well, not really sent in -- uploaded would be a more accurate description. I set up anonymous ftp at my web site and put all the images there, for Hollie to download. The files were too big for e-mail (8 to 30 Mb each), so without that option, I would have lost a day using FedEx. Isn't technology grand?

The bulk of the art in the book will, of course, be reproductions of each card. But these are the new images for the first pages of each chapter, and a few other places. You, dear reader, get first peek:

--an "Amazon of the Bow" for the dedication page

--collage for the first page of the introduction

--collage for the first page of the major arcana

--collage for the first page of the suit cards

--collage for the first page of the court cards

--collage for the first page of the readings chapter

--young Victoria in military uniform (not sure where this will go)

--two choices for the appendix on collage:

the source image for Temperance, or

the source image for the Magician

The hardest one to do was the readings chapter -- the one with old, fat Victoria holding a tarot card in her hand. In the original image the Queen was holding a baby in her arms. As I'm sure you are aware, a baby occupies much more space than a deck of cards! Fitting the cards in under her hand and pasting my high priestess in place was fairly easy. Erasing evidence of the baby was much trickier. In trying to match up the backgrounds, I left some blurry areas that I fear will look a bit funky when it's printed. (How do professional Photoshop wizards do it?)

For that matter, I'm not sure how well any of these will reproduce. But I guess all we can do is give it a try. They've done so well with everything else that I'm hopeful on this too. Even if the book art doesn't turn out so good, compared to all the things that have gone marvelously right I'll hardly have reason to complain.

I also sent captions for a couple of these -- the source material for the appendix, and the military Victoria. And, to my amazement, I finally found out the name of this one book that I'd used! A very kind person had sent me photocopies from this old book in her possiession, and I had used several images from it: the mandala in the Wheel of Fortune, the young raj in the Two of Swords, and the ruins in the background of the Five of Swords.

Since I had never seen the actual book, I didn't know its title, author, etc. All I knew were the captions at the top of each page. Well, today I finally found out the title! It's called Great Races of Mankind, published in 1893 by John Clark Ridpath. Judging from the pages in my possession, it's a survey of ethnic variety around the world, with a point of view that must have been quite sensible a hundred years ago, but now seems shockingly racist. It seems to discuss the rise and fall of various cultures, and the author pulls no punches in identifying the racial groups whose current status he considers a "degradation" of former glories.

Anyway, it's probably too late to add to the book. I fear I did nothing but add myself to the category of "pain in the ass authors" by suggesting it! But it's still nice to have the info and know that my bibliography is finally complete.

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