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Several exchanges with Joanna today. She's finishing up the book, and it goes to the printer on Thursday, so we have to sort out any last-minute questions in the next day or two.

First, she sent me the text for the "about the book" page at the beginning of the book. It's a couple of very flattering quotes from Brian Williams and Tom Tadfor Little.

There was one small change to Tom's quote: in the original, he described the components of good art and said "This is the only collage deck I've seen that really achieves that level of success artistically." In the blurb, the text about what makes good art is omitted, and instead he says "This is the only collage deck I've seen that really achieves success artistically." That makes Tom sound a bit more blunt, but it doesn't change the essential meaning of his statement, so I guess it's OK.

Then, I wrote to Joanna and suggested changing the order of the book illos. I think the one with old Victoria and the Jubilee decorations is a stronger image, so it might work better at the beginning of the book, with the introduction. She said that she's going to be working on the illustrations shortly & so my suggestion wasn't too late. Whew!

Next, Joanna wrote back to me. I had gotten the name wrong on Mary Greer's forthcoming book on reversals. I had suggested it for further reading on reversals. I guess it's tacky to recommend a book you haven't read. But I'm going on the assumption that it will be as good as all her other books & therefore worth recommending. Besides, her book will be out by the time people read my recommendation. So anyway, Joanna gave the correct title and asked if that was the book I meant. Which it was.

Then, there was another question about the correct layout for the Victoria's Chalice spread. The text says that card 3 and 4 slightly overlap, but that's not in the drawing I sent Joanna. I think all the confusion has been caused by my interpreting an ASCII diagram Valerie e-mailed to me, and then trying to draw a layout based on that. So I forwarded the question to Valerie. I hope she gets it in time!

Then Joanna suggested that I fax all the pages on Victoria's Chalice to Valerie. Which is an excellent suggestion, except that we neglected to photocopy the proofs before we sent them back. So I don't have anything to send her. It sounds stupid, but at the time we just didn't think of it.

I asked Joanna if she could fax the pages back to me and then I could fax them on to Valerie. I hate to put her to that trouble. If only I'd remembered to make a copy of the proofs!

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