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Our sales rank at Amazon is holding pretty consistent, but they took away the link that encouraged people to buy VRT with that book by Christine Jette. I wonder what that means? Nothing bad I hope.

The "people who bought this item also bought..." has changed too. Now it lists Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot by Poppy Palin, Mantegna Tarot, Ancient Italian Tarots, and weirdly, Books, Boxes and Wraps by Marilyn Webberley.

Books, Boxes and Wraps is an excellent book -- definitive, you might say -- about handmade books, boxes and packages of various types. I treasure my copy, but I have to say I'm surprised to see it connected to my deck. I mean, the two titles don't have much in common. Why would people be looking at both of them? The only thing I can think is that maybe lots of mail artists and scrap-bookers are interested in my deck. That would be cool.

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