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I had a wonderful birthday on Tuesday night. Meant to write it up on Wednesday, but with working late Wednesdays and the radio Thursday mornings, the middle part of the week is basically a wash these days.

Georg took me to Crook's Corners, a "neo-Southern" restaurant that really is as good as everyone says. Also got some cool stuff, including a doll/action figure of Shu Lien, Michelle Yeoh's character from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Yeoh is one of my favorite actors and the doll is actually a pretty good likeness. It even comes with removable hands: holding a sword, fighting, or a Shaolin style gesture. I've got the doll posed on my desk & will take a photo this weekend.

Yesterday I got the booksellers package from Llewellyn. It includes a coupon for a discount on your first order, which I didn't need because my first order was a big enough quantity to get the discount anyway. I guess if I had been smart, I could have made a small order with the coupon, and then two weeks later made another big order. Oh well, too bad I didn't think of that.

The package also includes a big, glossy catalog. The front section is full-page and half-page profiles of new releases, in which we are not listed. Then comes a section with brief descriptions of "recent releases," eight to a page, where we are listed. I guess we must have been a "new release" in an earlier catalog. At least, I hope we were :)

We also get a half-page in the general Tarot deck section. There's a nice write-up and a picture of the box, the book cover, and three cards. Which ones? Hmm. I think it was Justice, the Fool, and the Four of Swords. Llewellyn really seems to like my Justice card. I never thought of that one as a particular standout, but I'm glad they think so.

The catalog also includes loads and loads of decks I would like to have. I haven't bought any decks, or even kept up with what decks were coming out, in a long while. Except for Tarot of the Saints and the Shining Tribe Tarot, which should give you some idea of how long it's been. Lo Scarabeo has some historical decks that look fantastic. One called "Tarot of the Masters" that seems to be the Giovanni Vacchetta deck. And another (I forget the name) that looks an awful lot like the "Soprafino" deck I got from il Meneghello a few years back.

Also interesting is a section in the back of the catalog with a list of all their titles and which foreign rights have been sold. Not surprisingly, no foreign rights to VRT have been assigned. I wonder if Amazon.com has had an effect on foreign book rights. People in Britain, France, Germany, Austria, and Japan can go to their own version of Amazon and buy a copy of most any American book, for not that much more money.

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