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Bad news, that turned out not to be so bad, on the order form situation. They had assured me that the secure server would be running today. So I was expecting to have my order form online tonight. But today I found out that they have another delay to get some kind of authorization, which which will take at least five business days. That means next Monday at the earliest. And the way things are going, it could be the end of the month before they have a functioning secure server. Which just will not do. The decks may ship any time, and I need to be able to take orders now.

My friend Jason had an excellent suggestion: Paypal. Duh! I should have thought of that. I checked out their terms and it looks easy to set up. Plus it will even cost less than I would have paid to get access to a secure server and a merchant account.

I'm going to set it up this evening after work. I'm hoping to be up and running tonight.

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