Got set up with Paypal and set up my order form last night. It's not as elegant of a process as I would have liked. If people don't like Paypal -- and I've already received one note from someone who doesn't like Paypal -- they have to either mail me a check or fax their credit card info. But still, at least it works. Now all I need are the decks!

In other news, I got a nice note from our publicity person. With a big list of questions I need to answer, like do I have an author photo (will they accept a photo of me rolling on the floor with my dog?), quotes for my bio (uhhh, me talk real purty!), suggested questions I would like to be asked in an interview (interviews? excuse me, I have a frog in my throat), etc.

They want to mention the white box gallery from this site in their press kit. Which is really nice of them, but it will look really lame if there's nothing in the white box gallery. So I have a heartfelt request for you, dear reader. If you end up doing any decoration to the container in which you keep VRT -- be it white box, bag, or other -- would you please send me a photo for the white box gallery? Please?



I fully intend on doing my white box and sending you a scan - c

Thanks ccili, that's wonderful! Would it be helpful if I set up a form where you could upload your picture, or is emailing them okay?

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