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The guy has posted great photos of the event. He has a shot of the Titanic popping off to reveal the lifeboat underneath, and one that I didn't see at all: the cow completely overturning in the water! I'm sorry I missed that.

(My much lamer camera phone photos are here.)

There were a lot more mishaps in the water this time than two years ago. Besides the cow overturning, which we didn't see, and the Titanic turning into a lifeboat, which was intentional, there was also:

  • the Sponge Bob aquarium, which sank too far into the water, causing the structure to buckle. Fortunately they were able to get it out of the water and continue the race.
  • the two headed dragon, which had a pontoon failure on one side. They even tried the water twice, but the same thing happened both times.
  • the gerbil chariot pretty much sank completely. I'm not sure if they finished the race or not.
  • the most serious water related accident was the "Westward Ho" train, which lost control on the way into the water, crashing into the rocks and into a little boy who was sitting too close to the edge. We think the boy was more scared than hurt: though he screamed when it happened, wailing "I'm going to die!" a doctor among the spectators came over and made sure he could bend both legs. And eventually he was able to walk away on his own power. Westward Ho, on the other hand, took serious damage. They dragged it back to get it off the little boy and I think one of the wheels came off. It never made it into the water. I felt so bad for the pilots. That must have been awful for them, to run over a child. And the kid! How scary is that, to get hit by a train in a water park? No wonder he thought he was going to die.

On the other hand, the mud pit was a bit of a disappointment this time. It rained so hard that the mud turned into a puddle. Two years ago no one made it through the mud: everyone got stuck and had to be towed out. This time every single entry made it through. Some of them didn't even slow down! There has to be a happy medium, where the mud is sticky enough to create a challenge but not so thick it stops everyone.

Even despite the heavy rain, the event was loads of Kinetic goodness. I wish we could go every year! But unfortunately it conflicts with the Houston art car parade, which we go to every other year. So it's Houston on the even numbered years and Kinetic Sculpture Race on the odds!

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