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With six ayes and no nays, I think I can safely prattle at least a little bit without offense. Thanks to the magic of extended entries, I'll put the details behind a cut to protect the sensibilities of the wedding averse.

OK, so what should I prattle about first? The clothes, the logistics? I think I'll start by saying how thankful I am, under the circumstances, that we planned the wedding the way we did -- just a couple of good friends heading to Vegas with us. Having to cancel a wedding the week before due to family illness was miserable. But imagine what it would have been like if we'd had a massive guest list, catering, flowers, a hall, etc etc. I can't even think about it; it makes my stomach hurt.

As it was, cancelling was almost ridiculously easy. The chapel and the airline gave us a full credit for up to a year. I think the hotel charged us a $25 cancellation fee but that was the sum total of our loss. They didn't charge my sister any cancellation fee at all (I had made the reservation for her, the day before we decided to cancel). And that was really all we had to do. Our guest list (2 people at that point, though we've since increased it to a whopping 3, with one more possible) were very kind and understanding about the whole thing, and from what I gather similarly non-inconvenienced.

So now that we have a new date, we're rescheduling everything. June is the cliched time to get married but it's not the ideal time to vacation in Vegas. The average high on June 20 is 100°! But it's a dry heat, another cliche that in my experience is at least somewhat true. I think you can knock about 5 degrees off a desert temperature to get the equivalent heat in North Carolina. 95° in NC isn't exactly great. Still, I'm not too worried about it. We'll have a car, and it's easy to spend time in Vegas without going outside much. Most of the casinos are connected by indoor walkways. And since it's a desert, the temperature drops a lot a night. We'll do our outdoor sightseeing in the early morning, when we're awake because of jet lag.

The first glitch rescheduling was the hotel. We had planned to stay at the Tropicana. We've been there before and it's a good compromise between the nice, expensive hotels and the old, shabby ones. Unfortunately they're planning a renovation and weren't taking reservations after April. Okay, Georg did some research and settled on the Luxor. A bit more expensive, but I've always wanted to ride in the inclinator (the elevators go up the sides of the pyramid). We let everyone know and made our reservations.

Then yesterday Georg found out that the Tropicana has been sold, has set a new date for the renovation, and is now accepting reservations for June again! Dang. I think we won't change because the cancellation fee at the Luxor would eat up most of the savings. But we're suggesting to the rest of the group that they have the option of staying there instead. It's a lot cheaper if you stay in the far tower, which unfortunately means you have to hike through the entire casino. But the Trop is right across the street from the Luxor, with a walkway bridge. I think it would be inconvenient if one of us was staying someplace like the Flamingo or Stardust, really far down the Strip, but this should be fine.

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"It's a dry heat" is NOT A MYTH. It does make a difference, and I'd say more like 10 degrees or so compared to the humidity of here. Unless it's 120, which does happen in Vegas, and that's just too damn hot for human habitation. Crossing my fingers for you, for June temps that aren't too scalding.

(I grew up out there where there's single-digit humidity, and the transition to the humidity of the east coast was the single hardest thing for me to deal with. But now I kind of like it--my skin sure does.)

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