So I decided on audiobooks of the Jack Aubrey series (Master and Commander etc) for the Houston trip. I'm a bit tired of the music on my iPod and a ripping yarn sounds like just the thing for drivetime entertainment. They're 12-15 hours each, so three of them will do pretty well at filling the 45 hour trip.

The only problem is the cost. iTunes music store has all of them, for $35-$45 each! I think that's kind of outrageous, considering the printed books cost $10. falsely advertised unabridged audiobooks for $8.75 each, which sounded great. But when you follow the links it turns out they're abridged and you can only get one at that price. What a ripoff!

On the other hand, by joining I can get two of the unabridged books for $23. And according to Alicia I can get a Chapel Hill library card for $10, and they have the first book in the series on CD. So it looks like I'll be able to get the first three books for about the cost of the paperbacks.

If this works out I'll keep the membership (2 books a month) for the next few months. I've got a lot of art car trips ahead of me this summer.


ah, crud. i should have checked the website--it's actually 60 dollars for a library card for non-residents. so let me know if you want me to just pick some audiobooks up for you.

audible is awesome though--i somehow got an entire year of this american life for free when i joined, and i'll be listening to those on cd all the way to florida. i think they must run specials like that a lot, so if you're not a member yet you may want to keep your eyes open.

There's always old radio shows. has CDs of mp3s of shows for $5 each, which includes various theatre programs. You'd be listening to 1/2 hour and hourlong shows, of course, but the choices are vast. They generally have one free sample of every show they offer, too, that you can just go on and download.

I don't mean the shows are $5 each; the disks are. In some cases, that's hundrds of shows.

Kip, that website is amazing! Thanks for the link, I'm going to order a few things from it.

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