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We've been gardening fools the past few days. With weather like this, how could we not spend as much time as possible outside? Wednesday we weeded around the vegetable garden beds. Weeding is probably my least favorite job in the garden, but it has to be done. Those vines would crawl right into the beds if they could. Now we have a weed-free zone of about a foot around each bed. Of course the weeds will continue to encroach, but at least now we'll see them coming and have a chance to pull them out before they get into the beds. I think I did something else on Wednesday, but I can't remember. Oh yeah, I weed whacked around the blueberries.

Thursday we mowed the lawn and did more weed whacking. In some ways, mowing feels even more pointless than weeding. At least with weeding, you can mulch and then reduce the weeds in future. But mowing has to be done over and over, and never gets better. But on the other hand, I kind of like the repetition of walking up and down the yard, surrounded by the noise of the mower. It's sort of like time to think where you know you won't be interrupted. It would be perfect if the mower was self-propelled.

Friday I dug out more yuccas. God I hate those things. Those big fat roots go so deep, into the solid clay below the topsoil, and you have to get the whole thing or the plant comes right back. I had to move several other plants because the yucca roots had grown under them. What with stopping to deal with the termite situation, I didn't finish digging out the yucca until mid-afternoon. By which point it was way too hot to be doing that kind of heavy digging. I was seriously wiped out. I fell asleep before dinner, and then was too tired to go with Georg to AV Geeks. Instead I stayed home and watched Serenity.

Today we took it easy. Relatively so. We started with a trip to the farmer's market, which is doing herb days this weekend. It was mobbed! We bought tons of plants, then came home and I planted them while Georg weeded down by the road. Just a couple of days ago I realized that we've been working so hard on the yard, but only up by the house. Down by the road where people can see, it looks all weedy and scrubby. Oops.

I planted tomatoes (there's a couple at the farmer's market selling heirloom tomato plants for only $2 each! Next year I'm not going to fool around with seeds), three dozen petunias, a dozen verbenas, a lemongrass, a tricolored sage, a pineapple sage, a couple of small shade annuals that I forget what they're called, and a yellow daisy called Leopard Bane. The tag said it repels leopards. I couldn't possibly resist that.

(We also bought but haven't yet planted a heat-tolerant phlox, an autumn joy sedum, an iris with pretty variegated foliage, and a bronze fennel.)

Even though planting is much easier than weeding and digging and mowing. I was still really tired by the end of the day. I guess it was being out in the heat and the sun. Or maybe I'm just a wimp. Regardless, I think I need a sun hat. I think I got a mild sunburn today. I don't see any pink, but my face feels tight and dry the way it does when it burns.

We had a nice dinner -- cod baked in green mole, and sauteed spring vegetables -- and now we're chilling. First we watched Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? and now it's World Poker Tour. I don't know anything about poker, but I find this show fascinating.

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