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Just got back from Staten Island. The weather was bad and the circumstance was worse. At least the traffic wasn't much of a problem.

But enough of that. This summer is going to be busy with lots of travel. First up is the Houston TX art car parade. This is the biggest art car event in the country (and as far as I know, the world). It's crazy, wild, absolutely grueling, and I wouldn't miss it for the world. Here's the schedule:

  • May 8: drive from Durham to Atlanta.
  • May 9: drive from Atlanta to New Orleans. Dinner at Jacques Imo's.
  • May 10: drive from New Orleans to Houston. Welcome out of towners party that night.
  • May 11: pick up Georg at airport. (He can't drive with me, because he already used too much vacation.) Art Car Ball -- a loud, long party -- that night.
  • May 12: Main Street Drag from 9-1, which is the tour of schools. I love this, though it's one of the more draining events. We drive all over the place in small groups, and we never know where we're going, and there's no food or water or bathroom. You'd think the schools would let us use the bathroom! Some of them don't even have any shade, we just stand in a parking lot in the sun until it's time to leave for the next school. But if you bring your own water and snacks it isn't so bad. That lasts until 1 or so, then they give us red beans & rice for lunch. Then we have a couple of hours off to rest, and there's some new event that night. A seminar or something, I'm not sure.
  • May 13: the main event! We have to be there at 9 to display our car, and the parade starts at 1. There's an after party, then we have a dinner break and on to the illuminated cruise that night. The illuminated cruise is one of my favorite parts of the weekend. It's basically an unlicensed parade: the cars get themselves all lit up and then drive around the city honking at people. Most of the cars use Christmas lights, but a few have open flame jets on their cars! And last time one of the cars was towing an open flat-bed with a live band on it.
  • May 14: they have a barbecue at the Orange Show, but we always bail on that. Drop Georg at the airport in mid-morning, then drive to New Orleans.
  • May 15: Probably driving to Atlanta, but I may decide to spend an extra day in New Orleans.
  • May 16: Home.

I think I'm going to skip the webcasting this year. It's always such a huge hassle, and just doing the same thing again doesn't seem worth the effort. This time I'd like to enjoy the parade and not have to worry about tech issues (and guarding the car) all the time. Besides, if I'm not using my phone as a cell modem, I can use it as a camera and post photos to my site in real time.

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Sounds like much mad fun!

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