in defense of the yucca

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I've trash talked yuccas a lot, so I thought I ought to say something positive about them. They're certainly dramatic when in bloom. They'll grow where almost nothing else will, and as long as you give them full sun they're just about maintenance free. Just because I hate them doesn't make them bad plants. I wouldn't even hate them if they weren't taking over the bed down by the road.

But no longer! We have nearly vanquished the yucca. Yesterday and today we dug out a huge clump, and then got started on the last one. I've complained a lot about that crazy big root, how deep it goes and how hard it is to dig it out. This time I took a picture of the entire root so y'all could see that I'm not exaggerating. That was the root for one clump (2 full-sized plants and it was sending up more shoots). It grew in all directions, almost 2 feet deep in one place, through solid clay. Georg compared digging it out to archaeology: chip out a bit of the root, brush the dirt off the hole to see which way it continues, chip out a bit more, and repeat.

It will be so nice to have those yuccas completely out of that bed. The silver lining is that, having dug out such huge holes, we're now filling them with nice garden soil. I guess we ought to have dug out the entire bed while we were at it, but I just couldn't deal with that much digging.

Speaking of digging clay, today I also leveled out the path around the septic tank bed. (I really ought to think of a nicer name for that bed, but "the septic tank bed" is how I always think of it.) I should have done this weeks ago, but by the time we finished the bed I couldn't stand the thought of digging any more clay. So I left it as it was, a bit too low in spots and way too high in others.

Well last night's torrential downpour caused the path to crack and sink about six inches near the front. I had walked all over the path to pack down the soil when we first built it up, but I guess there were chunks of clay in there with air pockets between them. The rain must have softened the clay enough to settle into those air pockets. Anyway I dug out a bunch of soil from the high places, and used it to fill in where the path had collapsed. The clay was still really soft from last night's rain, so it was relatively easy to dig.

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