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Had a rather hellish afternoon yesterday of driving hither and thither, everything taking far too long, notably the "shortcut" to the vet acupuncturist which added about 15 minutes to the trip. Fie on the person who suggested it as a shortcut! At least it was a pleasant 45 minute drive. Anyway, in the course of the day, I managed to find a $7 skirt at Ross Dress for Less which goes with my exhorbitant Ann Taylor Loft jacket. Between the two I ended up with a reasonably priced outfit.

In case you're tired of hearing about clothes shopping -- god knows I'm tired of doing it -- I also did some book shopping. Bought a couple of books on building decks (the kind that attach to your house, not the Tarot kind, and more on this in another post); The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe for a gift; and The Book of the Short Sun by same, for myself. I was sure I had already read Short Sun, and the covers look familiar, but recently I reread all my Gene Wolfe books (I don't read a lot, but I have a few favorite books I like to reread as a respite from stress. My Gene Wolfe books are definitely part of that group.) and I couldn't find Short Sun. I think I must have borrowed the series from the library. Which means I only read it once, which explains why I remember so little about it. I'm really looking forward to reading the series again, and I hope retaining more this time.

In other shopping news, I've been an Ebaying fool lately. I started out looking for accessories for my wedding outfit (again, more on this later) but ended up buying several amazing hats, of which I will post photos as soon as I get my act together and take the darned pictures. Also a pair of sunglasses and a square baking dish from Fiestaware. You can seriously get anything on Ebay.

But wait, still more shopping. I'd grown somewhat disinterested in BPAL of late -- I still wear it every day, but hadn't ordered anything in months -- but they've had some good updates recently. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of:

  • Usher: part of the Poe fiction series (that's right, they did not one but two Poe series, one inspired by his poetry and one by the prose) and described as being similar to Dorian, which I adore.
  • Enraged Bunny Musk: This is the second "enraged musk" scent, and I have my doubts about it as it was described as powdery, which I'm not crazy about. But what the heck, I do like white musk and I know the perfect person to give it to if it doesn't work for me. (The first in the series was Enraged Orangutan Musk which I skipped because it was way musky.)
  • Monster Bait: for those of us who miss the monsters of childhood and want to lure them back. I ordered the whole set: Closet, Underbed, and the special one-day-only Underpants. I would have ordered Monster Bait: Underpants no matter what it smelled like, but the description is nearly ideal for me. Saffron, vanilla, sandalwood, sugar and cream. I love all those BPAL ingredients, except saffron which I've never tried but I love the way it smells so I'm guessing it will make for good BPAL.
  • BPAL also started a website for the Twilight Alchemy Lab, and I got into a decant circle so I could try five TAL blends without having to invest $25 a bottle (eek!). This way I can buy only the ones I like. I'm very much looking forward to the decants, especially Road Opener which I want to wear for the Houston road trip.


oh, i am so bummed-- i had no idea there was a one day only monster bait. and it sounds good, too. oh well, i am sure i can pick up a bottle on the forums later if i want to.

how did you find out about it?

I subscribed to the announcement topic on the forum, so I get an email everytime Beth posts an announcement. Even so, I almost missed it. There wasn't any "Hey! Look here! An April Fool's Day scent!" announcement. It was kind of buried on the bottom of the limited page. And then after I found it, I almost missed the part about it being one day only.

I saw on the forum where people were panicking and buying four, five bottles or more. So it seems like it will be available -- there have to be people who overbought and then won't like it.

oh yeah. stuff always turns up later, i'm not worried.

i am subbed to the announce forum, too-- i must have missed it. well, now i know better :)

must remember to buy the other two before the end of the month!

I feel bad about not letting you know, but I didn't realize it was only that day until after 11 pm. I was like, "oh la la, let's see what I want, and then I'll place the order later in the week -- ACK!"

oh, no worries! i can read, i just failed to :)

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