This evening Georg and I went shopping for this weekend. I didn't think at first that I'd have to buy clothes, but then I realized with a shock that I don't have a single black dress in my closet. In fact I hardly have any black clothing at all. A couple of sweaters and a miniskirt, and that's it. That's a huge change in my fashion sense, which happened without my even noticing.

So we went to the Southpoint mall (or "Southpointy" as we call it), where I got my second shock: the prices. Did y'all know how expensive clothes are in the mall? It's outrageous. I had no idea because I hardly ever buy clothes anymore.

I poked around a couple of stores but ended up buying from Ann Taylor Loft. Mainly because they had a decent petite section, which is a necessity with tailored clothing. I can get away with regular sizes in loose-fitting clothes, but I'm so short that anything tailored for an "average" height fits me really badly. For instance on a fitted jacket, the waist is way too low on me. So it either pulls too tight over my hips, or it rides up, i.e. the waist of the jacket rises to find my waist. Which is several inches higher, causing the fabric to bunch up above the waist. That's probably way more than you wanted to know.

I managed to find a cute jacket on sale for only slightly exhorbitant, then managed to convince myself that a brown tweed would be somber enough for a funeral. They also had a black jacket which I liked a little better, but it was way more expensive. And it wasn't petite, so it didn't fit right at the waist, and I would have had to take 5" off the sleeves. Are tall women's arms really that long, or am I just stumpy?

I didn't end up getting a skirt because they didn't have anything that was quite right, and I just couldn't stomach the prices for something not-quite-right. I might as well go to Target and get a simple brown skirt that won't fit any worse, and might even fit better, for $50 less. I figure if I'm going to spend big bucks on part of the outfit, it should be the jacket.

It rankled to buy clothes that I could make for a quarter of the price, but I don't have time to make this outfit. Besides, a tailored jacket would be really time-consuming, so buying it wasn't as painful as if it had been a dress I could whip out in an evening. And on the bright side, now I'm set if I ever have a formal business meeting.


Blair just bought her prom dress... at a thrift shop! She shops at a lot of secondhand and vintage stores. This one is pretty, a full cream-colored skirt with a black strapless bodice embellished with a beaded flower design, very late 60s. It'll need a touch of adjustment -- it's a bit loose at the top of the bust -- but Russ is good enough with a sewing machine to do that. But hunting thru thrift shops for petite sizes would probably also take more time than you had available.

i almost never shop at malls for that very reason. old navy, especially thier clearance rack; target; marshalls.

Shopping for this weekend -- you mean to go dumping at the landfill?!

i love the clothes at ann taylor loft, but i only shop there when i have a coupon because -you're right- their stuff is really too expensive.

the tweed jacket is cute!

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