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The wedding shoes arrived today!

I special ordered them from the Fluevog wedding shoe program. So it was kind of expensive. Okay, really expensive. Okay, the shoes cost more than the dress. But it was worth it. They're exactly what I wanted.

I'd been looking for wedding shoes for months, on Ebay and in vintage stores, and not finding anything that was right. I already have a pair of these Fluevog shoes in green, and I kept looking at them and thinking, if only they made these shoes in white, that would be perfect! I even thought about writing to them and asking if they would make a pair special for me. And then I happened by their website, and now they do!

The shoes were custom made for me, and I have to say I was very pleased with the customer service. The New York store called me twice to confirm the order and make sure I had ordered the right size. She told me that they had only started the wedding program two weeks before I placed my order. I wonder if I was the first wedding shoe order they got through that store? They seemed excited about the order.

I wanted to write about the rest of the accessories, but I forgot to take photos during daylight, and I'm too lazy to fool around with the flash now. So I'll talk about Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? instead.

I have gotten hooked on this show. It's on the Style network. Each episode features two high-ticket weddings from the wedding planner's point of view. Of course everything is extravagent, from the costs (in one episode the couple bemoans "only" having 20 grand to spend on their wedding) to the high-strung brides.

I have to say, while the Etiquette Hell site made me anxious about possible etiquette blunders, Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? has the opposite effect. Those brides are so crazy, I can't imagine myself making the same mistakes they do. And when I say "mistakes" I mean "tantrums." Then there's the wedding planners. Jesus, who are these people? They all seem so annoying and tasteless. I can't imagine giving someone like that control over a major event in my life, much less having to spend time with them for weeks or even months.

Of course the fun part of the show is getting to see all those expensive weddings. My favorite part is the cakes. I'm really happy that we aren't doing a big wedding. I don't regret not having a reception, or flowers, or an engagement ring, or a big poofy gown. (Not even those Badgley Mishka gowns in the Vogue Pattern book.) But I must admit to a twinge when I see those cakes. Those big tall cakes with fondant decorations and different flavors and fillings in every layer. I like cake.

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why don't you have a small party to celebrate after your wedding, and have a big cake for that? or even order a big cake just for you guys!

you shouldn't have to go cakeless.

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