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The trouble with getting a stack of books from the library is that I always start reading them right away, even if I'm trying to save them for my trip. I read the guide to planning a long-distance wedding, which was beyond useless. If I had looked at the publication date -- 1994 -- I would have realized how out of date it would be. A whole chapter on how to view phone books from your destination city on microfiche at the library, but nothing about the Internet.

The only useful information in the entire book was a reminder that each state has different requirements for divorced people getting marriage licenses. Georg and I are both divorced but neither one of us had thought about that. The Nevada license bureau website says that we don't need copies of our divorce decrees (whew!) but we do need to know the exact dates of our respective divorces. I have no idea whatsoever. I don't even remember the year of my divorce. I know it was in the late 90s. '97 probably. I guess I'll ask my lawyer. He might have kept a file on me. If not, he'll be able to tell me how to find out.

Actually I'm being too hard on the book. Mostly it was useless because most of its advice doesn't apply to me. How to interview a caterer over the phone, how to make sure a wedding planner in another city is doing what you want rather than what they want, and isn't ripping you off, that kind of thing. And can I just say, thank god I don't need this advice. I want our wedding to be a vacation, not an ordeal.

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