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I have the wedding dress narrowed down to two new patterns. I already have a dress in the pattern I was thinking of before. I wear it to art car trips, and in Houston I discovered it's a bit big now, and with the high waist and loose fit it looked dismayingly like a maternity dress. Next!

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to make the two new patterns in plain fabric to see which one fits and looks best. One of them is tailored, a lot like the previous pattern but more fitted and it has a cute little standing collar. The other is looser-fitting and a little less formal. In both of them I'm looking at the short version.

The only problem is, one pattern -- the more swingy one -- is missing the sleeve piece. The Ebay listing said it was complete, but I counted the pieces several times and the sleeve is definitely not there. I wrote to the seller to ask about it but they didn't even write back. It shouldn't be a big deal; it's only the sleeve after all. I'd be seriously pissed if it was a major piece like the back or something. But I'm sure I can find a bell sleeve that will work in one of my other patterns.

Anyway I think I'm going to make the one with bell sleeves in eyelet with a simple cotton underneath. I don't know yet what I'll use for the tailored one. I need to go through my fabric trunk!


Those are both really cute!

The one with the bell sleeves is seriously cute, and I can totally picture you wearing it and looking seriously lovely.

I think that one would also work best with the fabric. But I do want to try them both and see.

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