pearls or no pearls?


I finished the sample dress last night! I'm really happy with the fit. Now I need opinions on accessories to go with the dress.

I had been planning to wear no jewelry to the wedding except a string of pearls I've had since I was a kid. But the dress has a collar and a relatively high neckline. Are the pearls overwhelmed by the dress? (See photo.) It would look better if the pearls were shorter like a choker, but they aren't.

My other accessory question is about gloves. I have these adorable shortie gloves (shorter than modern wrist length, they just cover the base of the hand) which propel the outfit from "cute" into "pure vintage." But I wonder if it will be too much hassle to have to remove the gloves for the ring exchange. Those of you who attend a lot of weddings, what do you think? Are gloves inappropriate?

Okay, now that the questions are out of the way, back to the sample dress. It came together really quickly. One evening to cut the fabric and two to sew it. Nothing tricky except easing the neckline to fit under the collar. The wedding dress will have a band around each sleeve and at the waist, but I didn't do that with the sample dress because I didn't have enough fabric. It was a remnant from Make Me Fabric in Asheville, and I love it to death, but it was just 1 1/2 yards at 35" wide! I'm kind of amazed I was able to make a dress out of such a small piece. It took careful rearranging to get all the pieces cut, and I still had to piece together the collar out of two smaller pieces. But I got the seam in the collar around to the side-back so it isn't noticable, and plus the print camoflages it to some degree.

The wedding dress will be made of dupoini silk and then that groovy lace over top. I'm thinking I'll do the sleeves in the lace only, like the picture on the pattern. I guess that means I'll have to come up with armhole facings for the silk underdress. I'm sure I can find one in another pattern that will work. All those mid 60's patterns have similar armholes. Fairly different from modern armholes though. You wouldn't think armholes would change that much. Or least, I wouldn't have thought that, if I even thought about it before I started making old patterns.

I had originally planned to do both lining and underlining, but I think I'm going to skip the lining and just do an underlining. Considering the heat I'll want the dress to be as light as possible. Besides, a simple dress like this doesn't really need four layers. The underlining will give it structure and that will be enough. Or maybe I should do just lining, because then I wouldn't need armhole facings. Hm, I'll have to think about that.

Thank god this dress worked, because with only a week to go I don't have time to find another pattern. But I knew it would work. It's a style I've worn before and I knew it would be flattering. I'm glad I made the sample dress out of nice fabric instead of just muslin. I'm thinking about wearing it to the wedding dinner after the ceremony.


I'd lose the pearls. They don't work with that neckline. How about some large ball-like 60s earrings? I think the gloves would be great & taking them off for the ring will be good theater. Do you have proper spike heel pumps?

Excuse me if I'm too nosy, but I'm curious about why you & Rodney decided to get married - now, rather than earlier, later or never. I know it's none of my business. Anyway, congratulations.

I dont think the pearls would be overwhelmed by the dress. Or at least they dont seem so with the pattern you have in the photo. With the patterns and lace that you have for the wedding dress it seems that pearls would fit right in.

Gloves really not a big deal either, in my opinion. You may need to find a way to unmask a hand for the ring exchange, but it seems that it would be harder to get the glove back on (since tends to get peeled off inside out) than it would to take off for the rings. The ceremony that I saw this most in play seemed a bit like removing the veil, to me. The groom took off the brides glove to put on the ring.

Can't wait to see what your dress looks like- I had sewn my wedding dress (more of a 30's style interpretation for me) and I always found bride-made dresses much more interesting as a result, you see so much more personality coming out that way.

Good Luck!

The pearls don't work at that length. They either need to be longer, to hang outside the neckline, or shorter like a choker. Could you maybe tie a loose decorative knot in the center of the strand to shorten it up? Or you could go look for a shorter strand of glass pearls -- maybe the "Barbara Bush" 3-strand choker style -- at a department store.

Alternatively, are you determined to have the high collar? I noticed that one of the views on the pattern just has the wide neckline, and that might solve the problem by removing the "competition" factor.

Re gloves, my suggestion is to leave them off for the ceremony and put them on for the reception. That avoids the problem of removing them for the rings, but still gives you the kicky vintage look at the party.

So far it's two votes against the pearls, one vote for. Hm. I have a sentimental attachment to the pearls but I tend to agree that the length is wrong.

Goldcube: Ball earrings are a great idea! Don't know if I could find them in time though. There are a couple of good vintage stores in the area so I might luck out.

These are the shoes:
They're Fluevogs, custom made for me. I have a pair in another color and they're really comfortable.

As to why we decided to get married now, all I can say is the time was right. I don't mind the question if you don't mind the vague answer :)

The_Gargoyle, I'd love to see a photo of your dress. Those slinky 30s evening gowns are so gorgeous. I wish I had the body to wear them! Give me a nice comfortable 60s a-line.

Lee: if I have to choose between the collar and the pearls (and I think you're right, it has to be one or the other) I'll go with the collar. It really makes the dress for me.

The problem with wearing the gloves for the reception is that we aren't having a reception! Just a dinner after the ceremony, and I'm changing into another outfit so I don't risk getting food on my wedding dress. I will practice taking the gloves off and see if I can do it smoothly. I've noticed that in old movies the ladies remove their gloves by tugging on the fingers. That way they don't turn inside out.

On thinking again, I really like the idea of getting some really eye-catching earrings in lieu of the pearls. I think that's going to be your best option, if you're set on keeping the collar. Sometimes less really is more. *g*

I wanted to wear family pearls but the length was wrong, so I bought a shorter strand of glass pearls at Claire's cheap jewelry store. Honestly, when you look back at the pictures from your wedding, do you think you'll wish you'd worn the pearls for sentimental reasons or wish you hadn't for fashion reasons?

The dress looks fantastic!

De-glove by pulling from tips of fingers. Test that that ring can go under the glove when you put gloves back on.

Another tip is to slit the seam of the glove so you can get the finger out, then re-sew after... see

Last night I tried removing the gloves by pulling on the fingertips, and that worked great. Came off smoothly and even a bit gracefully if I do say so myself. I did not think to try putting it back on with the ring on, thanks for the tip!

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