why i hate dick cavett


First, I hate Dick Cavett because he is so obsequious. When interviewing a big star (which are the only ones they show on TCM) he cooes and flutters with such giddiness that it's just embarrassing. He tells Bette Davis all about the moment when he fell in love with her, and gushes "I can't believe I'm sitting next to you," to Katharine Hepburn. He's Waylon Smithers. He makes Kurt Loder look like a hard-hitting journalist. If that was the level of interaction I wanted to see, I'd go to a soap star fan luncheon.

Second, it was on Cavett's show that Woody Allen told that repulsive joke about his ex-wife's rape: "the Times said she had been violated, and knowing her, it wasn't a moving violation." I can't imagine how hateful a person must be to make a joke like that about the rape of someone he used to love. And I can't imagine how much of a weaselly ass-kisser it takes to laugh along like it was the funniest thing he had ever heard, much less brag that the victim (of the rape and the joke) would probably sue him for laughing.

Third, I recorded The Bride Came C.O.D. and I've been looking forward to watching it all week. Finally found the time today, settled in on the couch with the remote and my knitting, only to discover that the movie had been pre-empted by Dick Cavett interviewing Ingmar Bergman. Of course Bergman was a hugely important figure in movies, and of course TCM would celebrate his work on the occasion of his death. I wish I'd known about the marathon and if The Bride Came C.O.D. had been replaced with a Bergman movie, I would have watched it. But did it have to be Dick fucking Cavett?


oddly, i ran across an anecdote about dick cavett telling a tasteless joke at a graduation ceremony just yesterday.

if you want another reason to hate him (or just can't resist), see the bottom of page two, then the top of page three of the "nude ivy league photos scandal" article in the NYT:


(of course, the entire article is pretty fascinating.)

Get over yourself, Sarah, and do the world the favor of trying to lighten up while you're at it.

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