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zombie grandma

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Spacegrrl's Halloween party was great fun. As always! Last year I did an elaborate costume (firefly) that didn't quite come off. This year I put much less effort into the costume, and if I do say so myself it turned out great. I went as Zombie Grandma. The idea came from this horrible pair of denim culottes which I somehow acquired a couple of years ago. With an elastic waist and a rise so high the waistband was almost to my armpits, they make me look thirty pounds heavier, dowdy, and thirty years older.

I wanted a T-shirt that said either "Snow Bird" or "World's Best Grandmother" but Wal-mart bizarrely didn't have anything like it. All their printed T-shirts are for juniors. So we found an ugly floral print shirt in the clearance section, only $4! The other accessories I couldn't find were a fanny pack and a sun visor. I was going to write "Ask Me About My Grandchildren -- I Ate Them" on the visor. Since I didn't have the visor, I just put in my curlers.

A couple of accessories to finish the costune: first, support hose, rolled down to the knees of course, with ankle socks and sneakers. Then I got a little plastic wallet insert thing, cut pictures of toddlers out of the LL Bean catalog, and told everyone the pictures were my grandchildren before I ate their brains.

Georg helped me with the zombie makeup. It seems like the trick is to use lots of different colors and mottle them. If you apply large areas of flat color, it just looks like clown makeup. I had the idea to drip the fake blood out of my eyes, nose and ears, which worked pretty well I think. The grossest part was when I first did it, the drip from my nose ran into my mouth and turned my teeth and gums all red. Good thing that fake blood is non-toxic! It washed away pretty quickly but you can sort of see it in the photo. If I had been able to keep my mouth open until it dried and stained my gums, that would have looked cool. The fake blood does stain pretty well: the drips on my face were hard to wash off this morning and I can still faintly see a couple of streaks. It kind of looks like I scratched my face.

Today I did an all-Halloween theme for my show. I had intended to just do a couple of sets, but I was having so much fun with it I had to keep going. Halloween really is the best holiday of the year. They're having a costume contest at Dain's trivia this week, and I think Zombie Grandma will have to make an appearance.

let blue skies be your coverlet

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We are back from a vacation in the mountains. We stayed at Briar Rose Farm, a working farm outside Hot Springs with a cabin for rent. It was amazing. Four days of no cell phone, no net access, no TV, no responsibilities, no plans. Just relaxing, reading in front of the fire, walking in the woods, doing crossword puzzles, knitting, watching the local fauna, playing with the family dog -- oh, and hanging out in the hot tub.

We did drive into Asheville a couple of times for the afternoon. Actually the only negative of the trip was that the farm is on the other side of a mountain from Asheville, and we aren't used to driving on mountain roads, full of sharp turns and switchbacks. We didn't want to make that drive in the dark (especially with the roads being wet), so we had to give up plans to have dinner in Asheville. We did get to lunch at our two favorite Asheville restaurants: Early Girl and Salsa's. And our lunch at Salsa's was so big, we took the leftovers back to the cabin and had them for dinner that night. We also tried 12 Bones, a great barbecue place, on our way out of town today. It was fantastic! We will definitely add that to the list of "must-visit" restaurants for the next visit.

The cabin was cozy and comfortable, set up with a full kitchen, nice bathroom, and everything we needed. There was even a discount card for the local Ingles supermarket. There was a bedroom downstairs and more beds in a loft upstairs. We actually found the bed in the loft more comfortable so we slept up there. The cabin had a gas heater which we didn't use; it didn't get that cold at night and we found the fireplace provided plenty of heat. It was supposed to have satellite TV, which was out at the moment, which turned out to be no big deal. I had brought my computer so we had music to listen to, and the cabin had a VCR with a stash of tapes.

The farm has goats, chickens, a cat and two dogs. The goats pretty much ignored us, and they were penned up anyway. A couple of chickens had been fed by previous visitors and hung out around the cabin, trying to get in and get food. We nicknamed the red rooster "Zombie Rooster" due to his habit of standing in the doorway staring at us with his cold dead eyes. Farmer Tom warned us that if we let Zombie Rooster in, he would jump up on the table and steal food. Actually Zombie Rooster was fine. He never crowed (thank god!), we never let him near the food, and he never tried to eat our brains.

The cat didn't come up to the cabin but was friendly when we approached it. The dogs, on the other hand, were our constant companions. Katie spent so much time at our cabin that I wondered if they didn't miss her at the main farmhouse. She was adorable, and incredibly affectionate. I think her favorite part of the week was when we walked up the hill behind the farm. She ran ahead the whole way, looking back occasionally to make sure we were still coming.

The other dog, Poncho, was a pure bred border collie and though less affectionate than Katie, he was much more attentive. He would sit guard outside our door all evening, every once in a while chasing off something (or maybe nothing) with great pomp and show. I misremembered his name as Bongo, then decided I liked Bongo better and called him that from then on. Georg thought this was hilarious and started calling him something different every time. I think his full list of names included: Poncho, Bongo, Bingo, Bango, Banjo, Plinko, Groucho, Zeppo, Leppo, and Zippy. On the drive home we thought of the best name of all: Eric Estrada. Too bad we didn't think of that in time!

I think the best part of the stay was the privacy. Basically guests get as much (or as little) privacy as they want. We learned from reading the guest book that if visitors wanted to interact, Tom and Judie would give you a tour of the farm, do a demonstration of the sawmill, give a lesson in soap-making, let the kids feed the baby goats and collect eggs, etc etc. On the other hand, if you wanted to be alone (as we did) you wouldn't see them at all. We never saw them except when we checked in and out. They don't even come by unannounced, instead calling if they need anything. Also, though the cabin is fairly close to the farmhouse, they put the deck and hot tub on the other side. So you feel completely private.

More later, right now I have to plug in my computer because the battery is about to run out. Also upload the rest of my photos.

my man godfrey

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October 24 movie: My Man Godfrey. What a delight this is! If "favorite movie" is defined by the number of times I can repeat view a movie with the same level of enjoyment, this ranks up there among my all time favorite. I don't really have much else to say about it. Except that the DVD includes a rather lame commentary track, and a veyr funny blooper reel. Which mostly consists of Carole Lombarde flubbing her lines and swearing like a sailor.

anonymous comments

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I've turned anonymous comments back on for this blog, after hearing from several people that the comment authentication system wasn't working for them. If I start getting tons of comment spam I may have to turn it back off again. But in the meantime, I hope this change will make things easier on everyone.


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Well, Thirteen's TSH blood test came back, and she does not have hypothyroid. Which seems really weird to me, since she does have most of the symptoms. I guess she's lethargic, itchy and has bad skin for some other reason. We did get the medicine for her UTI which I hope will cut down on the accidents. Good timing too: we've been managing them pretty well by getting up in the early am to open the door for her, and we'll have to stop doing that now that it's finally cooling down.

On the bright side, Thirteen has been eating much better consistently since we switched to the nice food. I stocked up on the "holistic" food from Cole Park, and we also tried a couple of "no byproduct" dog foods from Whole Foods. Of those she liked bison a lot last night, and was a bit iffy on turkey this morning. In general she's less hungry in the morning. Or maybe she only likes exotic foods. We were joking that we should get her frog's legs, goose and venison. Venison dog food probably exists now that I think about it.

In other news, that headache I had the other day turned out to be stage 1 of a cold. Dammit. I so do not need a cold right now. I almost didn't go out last night because I was feeling so tired. I'm really glad I went, and I hope I didn't make anyone sick. I tried to sit off to the side so I wasn't breathing directly on anyone, and cough discreetly into my napkin.

The dinner was lovely, anyway. Great conversation, great food. I don't think I've ever had less than great food at Piedmont. I had the butternut squash risotto, which was outstanding. It had pieces of squash in it as well as pumpkins seeds, which gave a nice texture contrast. And a nice pecorino cheese on top. I also had a bite of Georg's duck appetizer and his pork belly entree. Both were amazing.

Today unfortunately I've got a lot to do, and I'm going to try to do it all in a relaxed way. There's my show of course, which will start with a Rat Pack set in honor of Joey Bishop. And it's finally time to get the long sleeved shirts, sweaters, knee socks and flannel PJs out of storage. Also I need to pick a pattern and go to the yarn store, as I'm almost done with that cardigan I was working on. I think I'm going to make one of these two:

thermalBEAUTY.jpg ribbypulli.jpg

I like the scoop neck one a little better, but it calls for really fine yarn and tiny needles. Which means it would take a long time to knit, and also I'm only looking at craft store yarn (because I'm a cheapskate). And I don't remember there being any fine yarn that was even halfway decent at the craft store. So maybe I'll have to save the scoop neck for another time when I'm feeling flush, and make the other one now, out of Wool-ese or something like that.

(ps: Georg just discovered the secret to getting Thirteen to eat her pills after she's decided she doesn't want to eat anymore: dab a little Nutrical on them. Worked like a charm!)



I've got one of those headaches. The kind where I'm sitting in the dark using my computer, because I couldn't handle the noise of the TV, and I had to turn the brightness of the laptop almost all the way down because even that was too much.

Good thing I don't have a Battlestar Galatica DVD tonight; that would be a dilemma. I have 2 movies at a time from Netflix, and I've been watching them as fast as they come in, and so I get 2 DVDs every 3 days unless I mess up and forget to put one in the mail.

I've seen the first few episodes of season 2 and I'm enjoying it immensely. I like that season 2 seems to be focusing entirely on the over-arching story, keeping the pace moving all the time, with very few "one-off" type episodes.

My only criticism of the plot is this thing about the prophecy and the arrow and so forth. It annoys me that the President would have a drug-induced fantasy, would decide that this fantasy is a prophecy coming true, and would bring down the entire government in her attempt to fulfill the prophecy, and this is portrayed as noble and principled. Regardless of how fantastical a science fiction story, its characters have to behave in a believable, realistic way within the story. And in reality, when a person has drug-induced fantasies that sound kind of like a religious prophecy, that person is not the fulfillment of the prophecy. That person needs to lay off the drugs.

Things which seem like meaningful coincidences happen all the time, and people assign significance to them, but they actually mean nothing. In real life if you think some odd coincidence means you're the focus of an ancient prophecy, you're wrong. If you risk your safety, your government, and your entire species trying to act out that prophecy, you're not heroic. Except that this isn't reality, it's a TV show. And in a TV show, prophecies are always real, and the person trying to fulfill them is always doing the right thing. Because why would you even mention a prophecy in a work of fiction if you weren't going to have it come true later on? It's Chekhov's gun at its most gross and unsubtle. The President is behaving like she knows she's in a TV show.

For me the only satisfying outcome of this prophecy storyline is if the President is completely, absolutely wrong. Like if it turns out that there's nothing in the tomb, they can't find Earth that way, and besides which she isn't even dying. (It would be interesting if that cranky doctor found a way to cure her cancer, but she didn't want to let him because she was so wrapped up in this crazy prophecy which requires a dying leader.) Or maybe if the prophecy would have been true, but by trying to force it to happen prematurely she has undone it. I could live with that too. Please, please don't tell me what actually happens. Let me enjoy my ignorance while I can.

r.i.p. joey bishop

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the morning report

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This morning's eating wasn't quite as impressive as last night, though still much improved. This time we gave Thirteen lamb canned food, and mixed in some of the "little bites" Science Diet kibble. She ate everything we gave her eventually, with some coaxing. There could be a lot of reasons:

  • she didn't like the kibble
  • she didn't like the lamb as much as the duck
  • she's less hungry in the morning
  • her strong appetite last night was the result of barely having eaten for 36 hours, and this morning was more normal.

Plus probably other reasons I haven't thought of. She ate a half can of wet food plus a quarter cup of kibble and a dollop of Nutrical. I would have hoped for more, but it's still a big improvement over refusing to eat entirely. Tonight we'll try one of the other flavors of canned and see how she does.

clean plate club


So it turns out all we had to do to get Thirteen to eat was give her really expensive food. "Holistic" food from Cole Park, $2 a can, in fancy-pants flavors like duck, lamb, and salmon.

They told me she ate about a half can during the day, so I bought a half-dozen cans to bring home. We gave her the duck, and she wolfed it down. I can't remember the last time I saw her eat with that much enthusiasm. I mean grabbing chunks so big they barely fit in her mouth, and swallowing them in one bite. I kept giving her more and she kept eating it, until the whole can was gone. She ate her Nutrical too.

So I guess she just really didn't like the Science Diet canned food. This holistic food does seem much nicer in texture and smell. Heck, you could put it on a plate and call it "duck pate" and I'd be willing to eat it. Add some water crackers and gherkins and you'd have yourself a nice appetizer. Science Diet seemed kind of gross in comparison, but was it really so bad that she would rather starve than eat it?

Because Thirteen's never shown the slightest sign of finicky eating before, it never occurred to me that might be the problem. In 16 years she's never turned her nose up at her food before. I thought she must have been terribly sick. I had been thinking that we would need to cancel the pet sitter for our upcoming vacation and get them boarded at the vet, so Thirteen could be supervised & observed all day. I'm still going to tell the pet sitter about the situation and give her the option, but I think she can handle it. She's always been really good with Thirteen's meds.

Besides the miracle gourmet food, Thirteen and Jane also both got nail trims and baths. Which they both needed very much. Thirteen always needs a bath (see skin infections and hypothyroid, in the post earlier today) and Jane had gotten into something oily and smelly over the weekend. We think she must have been tracking rodents and stuck her head into a plant full of sap or something. She came running out and rubbed her head on the ground like she was trying to wipe it off, and her head & whole front end have been oily and rank ever since. We've been calling her "Stinky Head." Now I guess her new name is "Clean Head." Just like Eddie Vinson!

I promise to write a post about something besides Thirteen real soon now. I've got several movies to write up, plus our trip to the state fair yesterday. Not to mention the Amazing Headache Curing Radio Show. (Not much of a story there, actually: I had a splitting headache, did my show anyway, and enjoyed the music so much that my headache went away.)


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I heard back from the vet about Thirteen's tests. She does have a UTI, a pretty bad one apparently. They want to put her on an antibiotic.

Her blood test also showed signs of hypothyroid. They want to run another test called TSH to be sure before prescribing medication for her thyroid. I'm guessing this means the thyroid medication is either a) expensive, b) hard on the dog's system or c) both.

I looked up canine hypothyroid online and found a page which listed these symptoms:

  • Lethargic behavior such as a lack of interest in play, frequent napping, tiring out on long walks
  • Weight gain, sometimes without an apparent gain in appetite
  • Bacterial infections of the skin
  • Dry skin
  • Hair loss, especially on the trunk or tail ("rat's tail")
  • Discoloration or thickening of the skin where hair loss has occurred
  • Cold intolerance/seeking out warm places to lie down
  • Slow heart rate
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Severe behavioral changes such as unprovoked aggression, head tilt, seizures, anxiety and/or compulsivity
  • Depression

That sounds a lot like Thirteen: the lethargy, the cold intolerance, and all the symptoms relating to the skin & hair. I hope that treating her thyroid will help her be more comfortable and happier.

That is if, course, we can get Thirteen eating again. Unfortunately they said the thyroid problem probably isn't related to loss of appetite. So fixing her thyroid won't make her want to eat. (On the contrary, it looks like correcting a thyroid imbalance often causes weight loss.)

Which means that, though this is very painful to write, the whole issue may be moot soon. I considered telling St. Francis to hold off on the TSH test for a few days, but decided that would show a level of cautiousness, even lack of hope, that isn't helpful. I'd rather act on the assumption that Thirteen is going to be with us long enough that treating her thyroid will do her some good.


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Thirteen seems more like herself this evening. She barked for me when I opened the door, went right to her food and ate about half of it, and is alert now.

I think it's unlikely that she'll eat the whole day's food portion tonight, but if she eats all of this morning's food I'll be okay with that. We have her acupuncture in the morning so I'll be able to talk to the vet about her appetite. And I hope the blood tests will be back by then. In the meantime I withheld tonight's antihistamine. If she gets really itchy I can always give it to her later. If not, then maybe we can cut her back to one a day as the vet suggested.

thirteen update


So I started to write a boring post about my boring weekend, which seems pointless because the real story is that I'm worried sick about Thirteen. I haven't written about it but her appetite has been steadily declining for weeks. She just seems too tired to eat. Mornings are particularly bad. I had to change my work schedule to 10 to 6 because I needed an extra hour to get her to eat.

On Friday morning I took her to the vet who did a blood test and urine test. They suspected a UTI because I had seen her walking around the yard looking like she had to pee but couldn't. Although that hasn't been a problem since then, so I guess maybe it isn't a UTI. The vet thinks maybe we've been over medicating Thirteen, and suggested we gradually cut back most of her meds. Which we are doing, all except the antihistamine which I'm afraid to cut back because she has such a problem with itching.

We should get the test results back tomorrow, and i hope they have some answers because Thirteen's appetite has dropped completely off in the past day. Instead of her slowly picking at her food, we can't get her to eat at all. I put the dish right under her nose, and she turns her head to the side and goes back to sleep. It's kind of scary. She doesn't seem like she's in pain; just really tired.

price gouging, part 2

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So the music industry is still pissing me off, in new and creative ways. A Sony BMG lawyer said under oath that in her opinion, a consumer who buys a CD and makes a single copy for personal use, or rips the CD and puts it on their iPod, is stealing.

I can't imagine this stance would hold up in court, but it's still telling that Sony's legal department thinks it would. I sometimes wonder if the music industry is really this stupid, or if they have some subtle scheme for the future which requires driving away all their customers in the short term. As another blogger pointed out, if my choices are to buy a CD, put it on my iPod and be a criminal, or to illegally download the MP3s and be a criminal, then I might as well save the $15.

I buy a fair amount of music for my show, probably much more than the typical music consumer. I have been buying mostly used CDs just to save money. I think in future I'll try to buy only used CDs, so as not to give any more money to those leeches. When I read about this story last night, I actually felt regret at having paid for a new CD (a 2-CD set of Edith Piaf, to be precise) earlier in the week. At least it wasn't Sony. Not that Capitol is probably any better.

(thanks to Starcat for the link.)

battlestar galactica


Georg was away for a couple of days, and I did what I always do when he's away: hole up at home with a bunch of DVDs. This time it was Battlestar Galactica. It's a great show! Why did it take me so long to check it out? It's not like everyone I knew was telling me how good it was. No wait, it was exactly like that.

I watched the pilot miniseries and the first four episodes, and the next DVD will get here tomorrow. I can hardly wait: episode 4 ended with a cliffhanger! I love how the First Lady from Independance Day is now the President. I tried to watch the commentary for the first episode -- the one with the 33 minutes thing -- but I couldn't get into the commentary. Too bad because the episode was fantastic. Good commentary must be really hard to do, because so few people are good at it. These guys were a little too self-congratulatory for me. I mean, it's a good show and all, but when they compared themselves to Dostoyevsky I gave up. The Onion AV Club's "Commentary Tracks of the Damned" feature calls that sort of thing the "inevitable dash of pretention." I think I'm better off never listening to commentary tracks unless they're a) by Joss Whedon or b) on a Criterion disc.

Unfortunately I went online to find out whether Battlestar Galactica is still airing and what season they're up to, and I accidently found out a pretty major spoiler (a human character who's actually a Cylon). Dang. It looks like season 4 is about to start, but with season 3 not out on DVD yet I probably can't get caught up before the new episodes start airing.

price gouging

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So, Amazon has started selling albums as MP3 downloads. It's a good idea, especially for people who are just going to rip the CD and load it into their iPod. The downside is that where they offer MP3s, the price of CDs has jumped immensely. For instance, last week the complete Ella Fitzgerald Songbooks cost $175, or you could join some "CDNow Club" (I think this is like the BMG club of yore) and get it for $142. Today it's available as MP3s, and the CDs now cost $245 ($190 from the CDNow Club). The MP3s? $145.

You know, I had this crazy idea that buying music in MP3 format would cost less. Especially since you don't get CDs, packaging, liner notes or any information about the music. $245 for a set of 16 CDs is ridiculous. For that matter, $175 for a set of 16 CDs is ridiculous. CDs have been overpriced for years. I'm dismayed that MP3s may be used as an excuse to jack up the price even more.


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We had a great day doing house stuff. First in the morning we took a truckload of junk out of the shed and to the city dump. It's going to take many more truckloads to empty the shed, but we made a good dent in it, making enough space that it will be easier next time to sort the junk as we go through it.

We had regular junk, metal scrap, and computer monitors, so we had to go to three different dumping areas. Then we drove away, totally forgetting to go back and get weighed again! We had to turn around and drive back! At the dump you have to pay a deposit, and when you go back with the empty truck they figure out your charge, and give you back the difference. We got half our deposit back, so good thing we remembered to go back.

After a quick lunch Georg went to the station for the world music show, and I weeded. A task which I have sorely neglected, along with the rest of the garden. (I confess that when it got really hot, I started ignoring the garden.) I spent a couple of hours at it, and got done most of the bank along the driveway, and the raised vegetable bed. In some places the weeds had grown so tall they obscured the plants. So, while weeding I was also rediscovering our garden plants. We lost a few plants to the drought this summer, but not nearly as many as I had feared. I was very pleased to see that the (expensive) Plants Delight plants from this spring all made it. A few things even seemed to like the heat and neglect.

After two hours of weeding I was wiped out. I am so out of shape! I spent the rest of the day on the couch, watching TV and knitting. And also researching roses. We've got a mystery rose by the house which has never bloomed in the 10 years we've lived here. It's too bad; the mystery rose is vigorous, 100% disease free and thrives on neglect. Still, a rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but a rose which never blooms is a waste of space. And so we've decided that it's finally time to dig it out and plant something else. Namely, another rose which will bloom.

I had thought to plant Awakening, a big climber with light pink flowers. I planted one down by the road this past spring, and it's doing great. Unfortunately, I was reading about it and saw that it's known for vicious thorns. We never get close to the one by the road, unless we went out there specifically to weed or water it. But the rose by the house will be right under the electric meter and breaker box. I can just see myself in a couple of years, trying to change a light fixture or something, slashing my arms up trying to get to the breaker box, and cursing the day I had the brilliant idea to plant such a thorny rose right there.

I posted this morning on the antique rose forum at Gardenweb.com, describing the location and my wish list in terms of size, color, lack of thorns, etc. Those folks are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and I've gotten a bunch of suggestions already. Now I need to look them all up and decide which one to order.


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rekha50.jpgOctober 4 movie: Utsav. Tonight we had Bollywood night at Sylvia's new house. Which is freaking adorable! We declared the house in danger of imploding from its own sheer adorableness.

We had Indian food from Sitar India Palace, and watched Utsav. This is a movie I had rented a couple of months ago, and ended up sending back to Netflix unwatched because we could never settle on a day to watch it. So I was really glad Sylvia rented it again.

Utsav is a historical melodrama starring the impossibly beautiful Rekha. She plays, guess what? A courtesan with a heart of gold! So far I've seen 3 of her movies, and in each she played ... a courtesan with a heart of gold. It's kind of a tragedy, but only for Rekha; things turn out pretty well for everyone else. There's a surprising amount of low humor, not at all like Umrao Jaan which was fairly serious as I remember it. Utsav is set way in the past (based on a 6th century play according to IMDB). There's a political conflict: some guy named Aryak trying to start a revolution and overthrow a despotic king. And the author of the Kama Sutra is living at Rekha's brothel, peeping on the courtesans to do "research" for his "sex manual." Sure buddy, we've heard that one before.

Utsav is notable for being the most sexually explicit Bollywood movie I've ever seen. Like all Bollywood movies, it doesn't show kissing. But while most of these movies settle for handholding, hugs, and the occasional nuzzle, Utsav shows naked people rolling over so that you can't see their faces while they kiss. Early on Rekha seduces her love interest by having him remove her jewelry, and she is wearing a lot of jewelry. There's also an erotic bath, a forty-second sex act (sounds ludicrous but it's actually kind of hot), and toe sucking. If you want to see a sexy Bollywood movie, this is the one for you.

hera pheri

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October 1 movie: Hera Pheri. This movie rocks! Amitabh and Vinod Khanna costar as cheerful con men who get involved in a convoluted plot about Amitabh's crazy mother and Vinod's missing father, who killed Amitabh's father. I heard Amitabh say the title at one point, and from the context I think it must mean "a con" or maybe "shenanigans." At one point Amitabh and Vinod dress up like holy men, with an uncanny resemblance to Abbey Road -era John and Paul. Then the fake holy men reveal themselves as fake police inspectors, who look even more like hippie John and Paul. This all happens during a dance number, of course!

And there's romance too. And killer music! Another winning deep funk soundtrack from Kalyanji-Anadji, one of the best I've seen so far. The music rivals Don for sheer awesomeness. I meant to rip a couple of the best tracks and make mp3s but I was in a hurry to send the DVD back and I forgot.

If you rent Hera Pheri, which I urge you to do, be sure to get the 1976 movie starring Amitabh. Not the totally unrelated movie from 2000.

word play

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September 30 movie: Word Play. For once, I haven't fallen behind in the movie list. I just haven't watched any movies!

We finally broke the movie fast with Word Play. Which was a charming documentary about crossword puzzles. The focus of the movie was Will Shortz, crossword puzzle editor of the NY Times and puzzle guy on NPR, and they also talk to crossword designers, competitors at a big annual crossword tournament, and a few celebrity crossword aficionados (notably Jon Stewart and Bill Clinton). I enjoyed this a lot. It's fun to watch people being good at something they love.

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