10 reasons to vote early


This evening I got an email with the subject "Ten Reasons to Vote Early." To my disappointment the email did not actually include 10 reasons, or even a list at all. Just a general exhortation. So here are my ten reasons to vote early:

10. The early voting sticker is cooler than the election day sticker.

9. If there's a problem with your registration, you'll have time to resolve it.

8. Your vote will be "banked" and not vulnerable to October surprises, last-minute vote suppression efforts, or whatever muck is slung at the end.

7. If you have somehow managed to avoid registering, you can register and vote on the same day, but only during early voting.

6. Go early in the early vote period and avoid the lines. Or wait until Nov 1, there will be a long line, and you'll feel like you're experiencing the excitement.

5. If you live anywhere in Durham County, you can vote at the Forest View School on Mt Sinai Road and get your ballot from me!

4. Or you can go to the Board of Elections office downtown and see Mike Ashe while you vote. He's cool.

3. Votes cast early are counted on Election Day, just like votes cast on November 4.

2. I'll be your best friend.

1. Most importantly: voting early is the only way to prevent the onslaught of "Have you voted yet?" phone calls you are about to get.

I'm planning to vote on the first day, for reason #1 alone.


As far as I'm concerned, #8 is the money reason. If this weren't the Month From Hell for us with cons, I'd be volunteering to drive lower-income voters to the early-voting stations for just that reason.

Turns out the "10 Reasons to Vote Early" is a series of emails, one reason per message. I got the second email with reason #9 yesterday. Now I feel bad about poo-pooing the first message.

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