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Today I made a schedule to hang on the wall of the staging area. Eva had put together this great spreadsheet in Google Docs of when the office was being covered. And S. and I were looking at it on Sunday and realized that we need something similar for the phone bankers, since we only have the one Skype line during business hours when the lawyers need their phones. It would be bad to have too many phone bankers show up and not have a phone for them to use.

So I made a big calendar for the wall. I found posterboard with graph lines already on it, which was hugely helpful. It has space for who's covering the office (which I transferred from Eva's spreadsheet), phone bankers and canvassers. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon, drawing lines on graph paper and then filling in people's names. And now when people come in, we can ask them to write in their name and phone number on the schedule to show when they're going to come back.

And I got the wireless situation resolved finally! Yay for the lawyers, they are awesome! They called their tech consultant and he gave them the password. The lawyers didn't know it because they had it saved and never needed to type it in. And I also found out the work schedule of the lady who works in the office closest to ours. She's part time and I can schedule the volunteers around her so that we aren't disrupting her work. The good news is she will be off Nov 3 and 4, which are the two weekdays when we'll be insanely busy.

And now our staging area is up and running. All we need are volunteers!

In the evening I had provisional ballot training at the board of elections. I'm not going to be doing that part on Election Day; I just want to learn as much as I can about the whole process so I can do my part better. And my chief judge sent us a letter suggesting that if we wanted to get provisional training, we could. So I signed up.

My main take-away from provisional training is, "thank god I don't have to do that part." There is a lot to know, and a lot of responsibility on the person doing it. My part is the registration table, which means the people who ask you to state your name and address and give you an ATV (authorization to vote) form.

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