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Yesterday up in Rougemont I registered a very drunk man. In my defense, I had no idea he was drunk until the very end, when he needed my help writing in the date next to his signature. That's pretty bad when you can't even remember how to write the current year. I still didn't realize what was going on until he explained to me that he had had a few. What can I say, it was before noon and "drunk" wasn't the first explanation that leapt into my mind. I thought he was just a bit slow, and the intelligence challenged have the right to vote too. When his card arrives from the Board of Elections will he even remember registering?

Later on I got to a part of the neighborhood where someone else had already canvassed earlier in the same day. I asked a woman if she needed information on early voting, and she told me someone had left a flyer in her door that morning. Then the next house I went to, no one was home and sure enough there was the same lit I had, rolled up and stuck into their door handle. I have no idea who that was, but I hope they coordinate with the Obama campaign in the future. There's no point in overlapping our efforts.

In the afternoon I worked the front desk back at the Durham office. Which was busier than last week. We finally have yard signs, wow! $5 each, one per customer. If you want a yard sign, I recommend getting to the Durham office in the next couple of days. At the rate they are selling I expect them to be gone by next weekend.

Then in the evening we did data entry from today's canvassing. Which was harder than expected due to a software glitch, but went by quickly. Also it was kind of fun to be there after hours. The office was closed and everyone was joking around and having a good time. S. came and D. brought pizza, which made them the heroes of the evening. Also a friend from WXDU showed up. That was cool, to see someone from another context.

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