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Four days to go. Four days! Eva and I agreed that we're both having trouble sleeping. It's an insomnia-inducing combination of worry and excitement. With so much to remember and think about and plan, we lie awake turning over to-do lists in our minds. There's so much at stake and so much to be done in such a short time. No pressure!

Tonight we reviewed the schedule for the next four days and went over a couple of tasks I've been doing (like printing lists) that Eva will have to do tomorrow while I'm gone. And of course, we did data. We've been recruiting people for data, and the first one came in tonight to help. As of today we have a new data rule: in canvasses and sporadic calls, we only have to enter some of the data. If they were not home or they say they support Obama, we don't have to enter that. I think because the campaign knows who the targets are, so some of the info doesn't matter anymore. They're going to be back on the list every day unless they moved, slammed the door in the canvasser's face, or said they support McCain.

This new rule made the data go about 5 times faster than usual. Eva and I were laughing and shouting "Not-home! Not-home! Not-home!" as we sorted through the stack and threw pages away. I felt like a kid on the last day of school, throwing my notebooks away. The new data person DiLisa (who by the way, took a web-based class on Votebuilder, and why didn't I know about that class? It sure would have been helpful a couple of months ago) did not understand why we were so giddy. We tried to explain it but I guess it was one of those things where you had to be there. Anyone who's been at a late-night data session knows what I mean.

Early voting was extended until 5 pm here and that means I'm going to be at the polling place all day, and will miss the entire first day of GOTV at our staging area. It was supposed to end at 1 so I'd get back to the Guess Rd. office in time for the third canvass shift. I feel bad about not being there but I found a really good person to fill in for me, so Eva won't be on her own. A woman named Joy who came by yesterday for the first time, spent a few hours making phone calls, and seemed really on the ball. This morning I realized that the office was going to be unstaffed for a couple of hours and I didn't have anyone to cover for me. So I called Joy and asked her if she could do it, and thank goodness she hadn't yet signed up to do anything else, and she came back in, and she was great. I joked that she was getting a field promotion. Pretty impressive that she could walk in one day and be running the office the next. I've met a lot of impressive people in the past couple of weeks. They show up, sit down and make call after call for hours. They've never phone banked before and they're really good at it. Or they canvass all afternoon, come back smiling and pick up another packet for tomorrow. Day after day, and they just keep coming. Where do all these amazing people come from?

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