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Today was a big day at our staging area. Fewer canvassers than last Saturday, but we were inundated with phone bankers. So many that we blew through several entire call lists, and we had to stop using the last list because we were calling people where someone else in the household had already been called earlier in the day. That isn't supposed to happen, but we had made so many calls we were simply running out.

The phone bankers were great too. Some volunteers just want to sit around and talk, but these folks were all really good workers. One guy in the evening had such a nice voice, we told him he should be on the radio. His voice was so good that on the messages, I think people might think he was a robocall. We joke that we're human robocallers on these sporadic calls. Because if you get a machine, you have to leave this really long message about how to early vote. We encourage people to edit the message so it feels more natural for them. And I try to mess it up slightly -- cough or stumble over one word -- so that I sound like a human being rather than a robocall.

In general sporadic calls are much, much easier than the persuasion calls they were doing a month ago. Although a few McCain supporters slip through, everyone on the list is supposed to be an Obama supporter, and we just have to ask them to vote early. People are starting to get irritated by the calls, and we tell them that the most reliable way to get off the call list is to vote. That way we get their vote, and they get us off their backs. It's a win-win!

I got out of the office three times: at 11 after the first canvass shift left, I ran out to get bottled water and breakfast. At about 2 I lent my computer to a phone banker so she could use the online virtual phone bank, because we were running out of paper lists. And that left me with nothing to do so, I went out for a quick lunch. I went to Nosh and had my favorite: cup of soup and half a BLT. Read the Indy endorsements and saw that they had nice things to say about Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh. Go Sean! Or is that a cause for embarrassment for a Libertarian, to be praised by the Independent?

After I got back from lunch, we realized that no one had shown up for the third canvass shift, so I went out just so that someone would be canvassing. I ended up in a really nice neighborhood in Northeast Durham, off East Club after it changes into Ferrell Rd. It was a newish neighborhood, modest but nice family homes, and everyone was so friendly. People cheered when they opened the door and saw my Obama shirt; they asked for extra early vote flyers to give to friends; when I said "thank you for your time" they said "no, thank you for doing this!" One guy even showed me that he was just moving into his house, didn't have any furniture yet, and he was thrilled that he was already on the campaign's list at his new address. I have never before met anyone who spoke excitedly about their name being on my list. And he warned me to look out for the geese that live near the neighborhood pond; he said they were mean. I never saw the geese but I appreciated the warning anyway. I swear, I'm getting spoiled by these happy friendly neighborhoods. I'm going to be bummed next time I have to canvass a bunch of McMansions full of Republicans.

Between using the virtual phone bank, which enters data directly into the system, and staying on top of entering the paper lists throughout the day, there was hardly any data to enter in the evening. Georg came over and helped me clean up the office, and I was home by about 7:15. And then after dinner I got to listen in on a conference call with Barack Obama! It was a little pep talk for NC volunteers. First the state directors talked for about ten minutes, and then Obama got on the line and talked for just a couple of minutes, to tell us that we're doing well and we have to do a lot more in the next ten days. Aye aye!


Are you kidding? Us politicians want to be loved by everybody.

Vote for Munger!

btw, you were right, I was wrong - after Palin got picked the GOP took the lead on openly hatefully bigoted campaigning

The Indy liked Munger so much, they almost endorsed him.

Believe me, I would much rather have been wrong and have been spared the shit that's been slung in the past few weeks.

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