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My first shift at early voting this morning!

If you want to vote quickly, I highly recommend the Fairview Elementary School on Mount Sinai Rd. I was actually a little disappointed that it wasn't more crowded. Every other polling place I heard about was really busy. I heard the Board of Elections was slammed, and NCCU had a rally with 2000 people all lined up to vote. I heard Duke also had a rally but I don't know how many attended. But our place was really slow. It seems to be the voting location no one knows about. We had a line for the first 15 minutes, and then there was a steady flow until about 11, when it just died. We all sat at our workstations and ate lunch just after noon because there were literally no voters. I hope it picks up. I don't really want to spend my mornings sitting and chatting with other poll workers. I like it when it's busy, more fun that way.

The excitement of the day was right before I left, when a bus with about 30 nursing home residents showed up. That was good for me because I got to learn how to do curbside, which I had never done before. Curbside is for a voter who doesn't feel physically able to walk into the polling place: a poll worker brings the ballot out to them. It's a nice service to offer, making it easier for people for whom it would be a hardship to walk up into the polling place, stand in line, etc. Most of the people on the bus came in, but 5 opted to stay in the bus, and a couple of us did curbside for them.

At the end of my shift I took off my smock and voted. I thought I was going to have to wait until tomorrow because I had forgotten to read up on the judges. But a voter left behind that board of elections guide with the candidate questionnaires, and I read it during the late morning lull.

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