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Last night Georg and I took a break and did something totally non-political: a concert on Duke campus by Milton Nascimento and the Jobim Trio. Who are actually a quartet: the son and grandson of Antonio Carlos Jobim, drummer Paulo Braga, and a young guy whose name I didn't catch on bass.

It was sort of a history of bossa nova, starting with Jobim compositions like One Note Samba and Corcovado and then moving on to newer songs that fuse bossa nova with other styles. Wonderful music, wonderful singing, a wonderful time. The two Jobims both sang, and I was struck by how much their voices resembled their father/grandfather. I wonder if they have deliberately cultivated Antonio Carlos Jobim's singing style, or if it's just natural.

There was a group of Brazilian women up in the balcony: standing their seats, dancing and singing along, shouting at the band in Portuguese. We were in the front row of the balcony, close enough to enjoy the ladies' enthusiasm but not so close that they interfered with our hearing the music. I am glad we weren't sitting right behind or right in front of them.

My only complaint was the seats: Page Auditorium is horrible, and the front row of the balcony particularly so. We were just lucky we were on the aisle so Georg had someplace to put his legs. If we were in the middle I think his knees would have been up under his chin. Also I wish they had played my favorite Jobim song, Agua de Beber. But with so much great music to choose from they couldn't possibly have played everything.

I'm in such a bossa nova mood now. Hmm.. and I have a new stash of Stan Getz, courtesy of a generous friend with good taste in music. I think I'll have to play some of that -- or maybe a lot -- on my show on Sunday.

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