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Another good day at the staging area. We had two shifts of canvassing and phone bankers all day. The phone bankers were amazing. These two young women walked in out of the blue, sat down, and spent hours making phone calls. Call after call after call. They were like machines. Warm, friendly machines who easily made emotional connections, and never got their feelings hurt by the mean people. I so much hope they come back! Next time I will have snacks for them. One of them asked for some chips or pretzels or something, and we didn't have anything, and I felt really bad. I was even at Costco this morning and it didn't occur to me to get snacks for the office.

One thing I am going to do differently next weekend, is not canvass on days when I'm covering the office all day. S. came in this afternoon and we went out together on a short canvass, to finish a packet someone else had left half-done. It seemed like a good idea at the time, you know, get out of the office for a little while. But these are always going to be long days, and by the end I'm pretty tired. Next time when I want to get out of the office I think I'll just take a break, go get something to eat and relax for an hour. The office is so close, I could even go home.

S. and I did have one funny/bizarre encounter while we were canvassing. We walked up to a house and found several people gathered around, while a pickup truck carrying an upright piano backed up to their front door. They were delivering a piano! We watched while the husband stood on the front steps motioning the driver to back up, a little to the left, no, pull forward again, now a little to the right, try again .... I guess they were trying to line up the back of the truck perfectly so they could lay a ramp over the steps and slide the piano into the house.

We stood there watching for awhile, not wanting to interrupt this delicate operation, until the husband finally called his wife out to talk to us. And as it turned out, they were both Obama supporters and they're both going to vote early. Yay!

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