obama supporter. not fully dressed.

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new obama officeToday we had our first trial run at our new North Durham staging area! I think it went really well. Everything went smoothly, we had three shifts of canvasses and at one point three phone bankers as well. The only major goof was that one of the phone bankers called into Person County on the law office's phone. Well she only made about a dozen calls before I realized what was happening. I'm going to leave a note for the lawyers explaining what happened, with some money to pay for the long distance. Cell reception is really bad inside the building but we have Skype on my computer for the long distance calls.

Eva is the change crew leader and did most of the coordinating today. I had never spent much time with her before and she's great. Nice and easy to work with. I'm really glad we get along, since we're going to be spending a lot of time together over the next couple of weeks. It sounds like our field organizer Stephanie is going to have a lot to do and will be going all over the place, so it will be up to us to stay at the satellite office and keep it running. One thing Eva and I agree on is not to get too hung up on the official titles and so forth in that GOTV plan they gave us a week ago. We're focusing on how best to get the job done. I think that will make it easier for us to help each other & pick up the slack for each other.

We made a procedure change in entering data that I think is going to help a lot. Up until now they've been staging from the Starbucks up at Willowdaile, and then Stephanie would collect all the packets from her entire territory, take them all back to the main office and enter them at night. Sometimes she'd be at it until 2 am, and the times I helped her we never got done before 10:30. Today since we were in an office with computers, Eva and I started entering the data as soon as the packets came back in. It went so much faster that way. (Eva did more than I did, because I had to run out in mid-day and get an ethernet cable.) S. had canvassed in the afternoon, and she came back in the evening to do data with us, and we were entirely done by 8. Just in time for dinner. I'm sure we're going to have some late nights by the end, but still, it was really nice to see this small change in the process improve our lives so much.

One funny thing that happened: in the morning we put a couple of Obama signs out front so that our volunteers could find us. And within two hours, someone had come by and put 4 McCain-Palin signs out, completely hiding our signs! We all agreed that this was petty and pathetic, and it's the frustrated anger of people who know they are losing, and if that's the way the McCain campaign wants to use their time, great! We're using our time identifying our voters and getting them to the polls.

The title of this post comes from a walk pack Eva entered, from Roxboro I think. That was the canvasser's entire note on one house: "Obama supporter. Not fully dressed." I'm glad I didn't go to that house!

I only did a little canvassing, to finish a packet I had started on Thursday night. It was amazing how many people I talked to who had already voted. On election day a lot of people say "Already voted" and they mean "go away, leave me alone," but these people were sincere. They told me where they had voted and how long they stood in line. Some of them were still wearing their "I voted" stickers. I can't tell you how good it was to see that. It made me feel like the past few months have been worthwhile.

I did one thing that I really shouldn't have: I totally yanked the chain of a McCain supporter. Someone had called him from my Skype account, and he saw the number on his caller ID and called back. When I told him it was the Obama office he started ranting, "If a white man had that little experience, he would be laughed off the stage!" I offered to take him off our phone list and politely took his name and number. Then he repeated that line about a white man with so little experience twice more, then I cut him off, said "Just like Sarah Palin. You have a nice day sir!" and hung up on him. What can I say, I just couldn't resist.

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Heh. We haven't gotten any canvassers (probably because of the Obama sign on our lawn), but if we had, that comment could easily have been about me! I've been known to answer the door in a long T-shirt and no pants; it's decent, but certainly qualifies as "not fully dressed".

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