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Long day today at the staging area. Lots of data. I didn't get home until about 10, and Stephanie and Noah were still working when I left. At least I was able to do my show today. S. came in and covered the office so I could go.

One really funny thing happened in the evening. Stephanie and I were both making sporadic calls. If you get a machine you have to leave this really long message. And by the way, I have said that message so many times that not only do I have it memorized, I dreamed it this morning. "Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm a volunteer with the Barack Obama Campaign for Change here in Durham. I'm calling to ask you to support Obama for president, and encourage you to vote early. One Stop Early Voting in North Carolina runs from now through November 1, every day, and it is easy, even if you are not registered or have never voted before. To find the One Stop Early Vote locations near you, call 1-888-NC-Early or visit You can also visit to find out more about Senator Obama, and about getting involved in the campaign. This is a critical election, and Senator Obama needs your support. Thank you, and have a great day!"

So Stephanie and I were sitting right next to each other, both making these calls, and somehow we started leaving the message at the same time, about 10-15 seconds apart. That's happened to me once or twice before, and it's so weird and disconcerting. Like hearing an echo of yourself. But the really strange thing is that as the message went on, we drifted into sync. By the time we got to "To find the One Stop Early Vote locations near you" we were speaking the words at exactly the same time. At which point we both collapsed into hysterics and had to hang up on our calls. We tried to finish, we really did, but it was just so funny we couldn't go on. So ridiculous! I laughed so hard my sides hurt. I can only imagine what that sounded like. I hope the people we were calling erased the messages without listening to the whole thing.

We are so professional at the North Durham staging area.

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