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I must not be in the mood for schadenfreude, because I don't feel good about the prospect of an 84 year old man going to prison for a non-violent crime.

In other news, this morning I actually gave a little pep talk to a couple of volunteers. It was one phone banker and one canvasser. And the canvasser said she was feeling discouraged because she had just been in another part of the state and seen an overwhelming number of McCain yard signs. I told them, "If that's how the McCain campaign spends their time and money, good. Because we're spending our time and money on what you and you are doing. And that's why we're going to win." Both of them visibly brightened, stood a little straighter and smiled proudly. It was, like, motivational and shit.

Speaking of motivational, we got to listen in on another conference call this evening. This one was Michelle Obama! She was calling a women's phone bank which they do all across the state every Wednesday, and luckily I heard about the call so we were able to listen in at the North Durham office too. And coincidentally it was all women in the office at the time, so we felt like we belonged on the call. (There were a couple of guys dropping off a walk packet right then and I asked them if they wanted to stay, but they said they had to get home to their respective kids.) Michelle was great. Just like the other call, the state person talked for a few minutes and then Michelle got on the line and told us we were doing great and we have to keep working hard.

I hope they do a conference call with Joe Biden before the finish. He's my hometown guy!

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