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We have a staging area! Wait, let me me back up a bit. Up until now everyone has been working out of the main office downtown, and then staging events like the weekend canvasses from locations in their territory, like a friendly restaurant (the North Durham canvasses are always staged at the Starbucks at Willowdaile). Once early voting starts, the work is going to be so much more intense that they wanted each field organizer to find their own space to use as an office and staging area. And we found one for the North Durham crew!

It's in an office building on Guess Rd. Within walking distance of Pizza Palace and Hong Kong (the dim sum place). A lawyer's office is generously letting us use their spare room. This morning S. and I moved our things in and set up. There wasn't that much to do: set up the computer and printer, hang the precinct map and some Obama signs, and put the paper shredder in the corner.

I have to go back tomorrow with a few more things: data entry instructions, a pencil cup, power strip for people's laptops, a box for "to be shredded" paper to go into. And we ran into a couple of glitches: first, neither one of us had cell service. This could be a big problem because one of the main reasons for the office is to have a place where we can phone bank every day. Well, I've got Skype, that's one phone line, and I'll just cross my fingers that other volunteers will have better luck with their cell phones.

Second, the computer I scrounged up does not have wireless. Dang! My plan was to have a computer there all the time, and have my Skype account set up on it and the printer connected to it. So people could easily print, and could phone bank using Skype, even when I'm not there. But the computer doesn't have wireless, and we couldn't find a router. We did find an ethernet jack in the room but it didn't work.

We have a couple of options: first, S. and D. may have a computer we can borrow. Or, I can ask the attorneys on Monday if they have a router we can plug into. They have to have one somewhere, generating the wireless network. Last resort, I can bring my work computer in; it has wireless. I'm just hesitant to leave it there because it's my good work computer. But it's not like I'd be leaving it alone with strangers for three weeks. I'm going to be there pretty much all the time except when I'm working at the polls.

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