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hot dog twinsToday I took a much needed day off from the campaign and went to the state fair with Georg. The fair is one of our favorite things about autumn, and this year did not disappoint. We had such a good time. The weather was just about perfect. We did all our favorite things: the livestock shows, the vegetable displays, the baked goods and craft competitions, the 4H, all that fun stuff. Also we walked around the midway and took lots of photos.

And, of course, fair food. In order of most delicious to least, we ate:

  1. Mini-donuts. Still the champion and undefeated! The mini donut place is right near the Jim Graham Building. The stand is called "The Iced Tea Lady" and they do indeed have very good iced tea. And the donuts! Divine. Go when there's a line so the donuts are hot and fresh.
  2. Apple cider. Another treat we have every single year. I always get the cold cider, unless it's really really cold out, because it's fresher than the hot cider.
  3. Ham biscuit from the Farmer's Market Restaurant stand. The biscuit was surprisingly good considering it wasn't that fresh. And the ham was very good. Negatives: only one napkin for the two of us, weird prerecorded barker who pretended to be talking to people walking by, except no such people were actually walking by.
  4. Orangeade. A longtime favorite of mine, this one was a little disappointing. They included the juice from a fresh orange but I suspect there was also Tang-like orange powder in it.
  5. Deep fried mac and cheese. We got it from that place that seems to break the new deep fried trend every year. Not on a stick, it was triangles of Kraft mac and cheese, battered and deep fried. It was exactly like you would expect.
  6. Deep fried pecan pie. On a stick. It sounds great: a big gooey slice of pecan pie surrounded by deep fried batter. And the first couple of bites lived up to expectations. Then... I would have ranked this much higher but for serious execution problems. The slice was too big and ended up undercooked. The center of the pie was still cold, and there was a layer of uncooked batter inside. Gross. We ate less than half, though I'm still glad we got it. If we hadn't, I would have gone home thinking about how great it must be and how sorry that I missed it.

Of course I couldn't resist a little bit of politics. We visited the Democratic Party booth, where I got a couple of interesting stickers I hadn't seen before. Also I wore my Obama shirt, and when the young ladies at the orangeade booth complimented me on it I tried to talk them into voting early.

We noticed hardly any McCain or Palin stickers, but many for Dole and many many "If you like freedom, thank a veteran" stickers which the Republican booth was handing out. S. told me on Sunday that she saw tons of McCain-Palin stickers at the fair. I wonder if the Republicans ran out? Or they decided to stop distributing them in the past three days? Or maybe people stopped wanting them? I dunno. But I did see way more of the veteran stickers than any other. The veteran stickers didn't mention a party or candidate.


You should have gone to the Bush party booth and asked for an "If you like freedom..." sticker. There's no reason to let that thuggish party claim sole title to America's military successes.

I would have, if I hadn't been wearing an Obama shirt. I didn't see the point of having a confrontation with them over a sticker.

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