a mania for pennsylvania


I think the show went really well! Here's the playlist. It was so much fun to put together.

I had found a web page with "fascinating facts about the 50 states" and had compiled a couple of facts about each state for the talksets. But then I discovered a couple of incorrect "facts" on the website, which made me afraid to use the rest. So I only mentioned facts that I knew for sure. Georg had said that I should just make stuff up -- "the first yak colony in the US was in New Hampshire!" -- which would have been funny but I didn't have time to invent 50 fake facts.

I did have a time problem. I plan the timing of these shows with a Google spreadsheet -- the left column has the time of each song and then at the top is a formula that adds up all the times. Thing is, I always copy the spreadsheet from the previous theme show. And this one was twice as long as normal and had 87 songs in it. The set being added up by the formula wasn't big enough, it didn't include the last couple of songs. You could say I was using a faulty algorithm.

I noticed that the times in my spreadsheet and in iTunes didn't quite match. iTunes is always off by a few minutes because the tracks always have a few seconds of silence at the end. So the songs are always a bit shorter than the tracks. But this was more, it was off by a few minutes too much. If the times had been off by an hour, I would have known what the problem was. With just a few minutes discrepancy, I couldn't get it. I thought maybe I had an extra song in there somewhere and spent a long time last night comparing the flowsheet with iTunes, trying to find the discrepancy. I never figured out that the problem was the formula until the last 10 minutes of the show, when I looked at the flowsheet and realized that I had about 14 minutes of music to go. Eek!

It wasn't actually that hard to fix. I had two songs planned for Hawaii, and I simply dropped one, and stopped the last instrumental before it was over. Ended up running about 30 seconds long. That would be a serious problem on a pro station, but no big deal for college radio and Ross (the next dj) was really really nice about it. And now I know to adjust the formula for next time.


Next time we see him, ask my brother to explain why Wisconsin is Tibet's Dairyland. It involves yaks.

I wanted to catch your show but our home radio doesn't get wxdu very well and my brain doesn't work well enough sometimes to remember about that whole internet radio thing. :( anyway, it sounds like a fun show!

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