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I am officially a Lunch Geek. I love making my lunch every day. It's so much fun to pack everything in the little Ms. Bento containers. And I got my spork back! It had disappeared during my first week at work. I guess someone saw it in the dish drainer and thought it was part of the communal kitchen supplies. I wrote out a note with a drawing of my spork crying because she had gotten lost and missed Ms. Bento!

The note disappeared from the kitchen last Thursday and I figured that was it, my spork was gone for good. Well it turns out the note was removed when the spork was returned! I found it in my pencil cup on Monday, it must have been there for days. I thought it was a letter opener, pulled it out of the cup and it was my spork!. I left another note with a drawing of the spork laughing and saying "thank you."

While the spork was missing I ordered a set of travel silverware that all fits together. The knife handle is hollow and the fork and spoon fit inside. It's a nice set; I'll set it aside in case I ever need a knife for my lunch. I also picked up a set of cloth napkins at Ikea. Super inexpensive and now I don't have to use paper napkins every day.

Ms Bento 9 AugThe past couple of days I've packed a hot lunch instead of cold. I filled the containers with boiling water to preheat them while I heated up my lunch. When I got to the office I set it in the windowsill so the sun would help keep it warm. Ms. Bento works as advertised: I packed my lunch at 8:30, and at noon it was still, well not so hot it burned my mouth, but about like I'd expect a meal right from the stove. I had put peach cobbler in the smallest container, which is the one intended for soup & therefore the best insulated. I had the cobbler at 2:30 and it was still kinda hot.

I was so excited about Ms. Bento's heat retaining abilities that I took a photo of yesterday's lunch and posted it in the Mr. Bento group on Flickr. And now I have written an entire blog post about my lunch.

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