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Now that autumn is finally upon us, I appreciate my Ms. Bento lunch box all the more. In the summer I was eating a salad for lunch most days, and more often than not would use tupperware because Ms. Bento just isn't designed for a salad. It's actually designed for a traditional Japanese lunch: soup in the bottom container, rice in the middle container, vegetables in the top container. That's why only the bottom container is watertight.

Now that it's too cold for salad at lunch, I'm taking leftovers to work every day, and Ms. Bento is perfect for that. I thought the containers were awfully small when I first got Ms. Bento. Now I'm surprised to discover that, when packing richer foods like leftover casseroles or chili, I don't even need all three containers! Two is a lot of food.

I always fill the containers with boiling water to preheat them, then dump out the water when my lunch is ready to pack. Yesterday I had an idea that's pretty clever, if I do say so myself: instead of emptying the bottom container, I leave the boiling water in it and pack it like that. At noon when I eat, my lunch is still really hot! I bet if I were packing hot soup, it would work the same way.

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