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To all the fetishists who found my photos of myself wearing tights:

I don't know how you all found me, and I'm well aware that I can't stop you from looking at photos I chose to post on the internets and ... doing whatever it is you do. Don't tell me; I don't want to know.

That said, please stop writing to me. I am not flattered that you like my legs. (I like them too and that's the only opinion I care about.) I am not going to tell you my age. (You would be disappointed if you knew. Really.) I am not going to email you more photos. I am not going to wear specific tights at your request. And I am definitely not going to join your online fetish group. (Though I am amused by the very existence of a German fetish group for photos of women wearing woolen tights. What will they think of next?)

Let's make a deal: You boys do your gawking and wanking in private and leave me alone. And in return I'll leave the photos where they are. This arrangement will give us all what we want: you get to stare at my legs and .. do whatever it is you do. And I get to pretend you aren't there. But if you insist on writing me all these creepy messages, I'm going to have to take the photos down. And then where will we all be?

tights, day 24


I'm not so sure about this pair. They were a gift and they're a bit Raggedy Ann for my taste. They've never been worn so I might be able to give them to a good home.

And with that, the tights project is done! 24 pairs in all. It would have been more if I hadn't culled out some of the really grungy pairs a week or two before starting this. I think next time I have an idea like this, I'm going to take the photos a bunch at a time and then post them day by day. Trying to find time to dress up and take a photo every day was not working, especially by the end of the month when my work schedule got so busy.

tights, day 23

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This pair are really cool, but alas they have a humongous run down one leg. You can't really see it in the photo but believe me, it's huge. I think I'm going to have to regretfully toss these as well. Lina and Thirteen both made it into the background of this photo. They're eating dinner, except Thirteen saw the flash and came out to see what I was doing. She eats behind the dining room table because she feels safe back there. It's sort of her hiding place.

tights, day 22

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We finish up with some fun stripey pairs. I must have forgotten I had these black and white striped ones. Or maybe I never wear them because every outfit they go with, also goes with the checkerboard tights which are more unusual. But there's plenty of room in my tights collection for both.

tights, day 21

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Four days behind on the tights project! Not a very auspicious way to end the thing. Well, at least by getting caught up now, I'm still finishing on the correct day.

This grey pair hardly ever get worn because they're a lot like the green ones from day 18: I don't much like the ribbing anymore, the color doesn't go with any of my clothes, and they're full of holes. Into the trash they go.

tights, day 20

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I'm a bit behind on the tights project -- and on posting in general -- because my good friends Peggy and Chris are in town for the weekend, and we're making dinner for them tonight. So we were tidying up and cooking most of the day yesterday & I'll be out with Peggy most of the day today.

Anyway. I used to wear these red tights a lot, but eventually I decided that with every outfit I would wear them, brown tights would actually look better. Also the waistband is shot so they don't stay up without the help of a second pair of underwear. Still, I'm not going to get rid of them. Red tights are a good thing to have.

tights, day 19

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Another pair that I bought at Century 21 in New York. They've got this unusual stripey pattern, and I'm surprised that I don't wear them more often. I think the problem is that a lot of my clothes are brown, and these tights don't go with brown. They would go with blue or purple, but I don't have any blue or purple clothes. (How very strange! Except for jeans and a couple of old sleep shirts, I don't have any blue clothes, and nothing at all in purple. Ten years ago almost everything I owned was blue and purple.) So the only thing I have to wear them with is black, and I've been more into the monochromatic thing lately, so have been wearing black tights with my black clothes. I should find something to wear with these tights. They deserve to be worn more often.

tights, day 18

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I have no idea why this pair are still in my closet. The color is yucky and I don't like the ribbed pattern. I'm going to get rid of them now that they've been photographed.

The nice thing about this tights project is that it's making me take out every pair of tights and put them on and, in several cases, decide that I don't want to keep them. I had already culled out the really ratty pairs, but several more are going to go as I work my way through the rest. More room for new tights!

tights, day 17


This is a first for the tights project; a pair I've never worn. I got these at Century 21 in New York as a future replacement for my chartreuse tights when they wear out. The color isn't exactly the same (the current pair are a yellowy green, more like the tablecloth in this photo) but they'll do if I don't find anything exactly the same.

tights, day 16


I have a confession to make: I'm starting to get tired of the tights project. Some days I am just in no mood to get dressed up and take a photo of my legs. I've already done the tights that I like to wear; now I'm down to the ones that hang on in my closet for some obscure reason. Well, at least I only have 8 pairs to go after this one.

Anyway, today's pair of tights. These were a gift many years ago. I think I've only worn them once. They're cute, but they don't really go with my clothes and they don't stay up very well. Still, I can't get rid of them because they're in perfect condition. Because I never wear them. It's one of those vicious things.

I think the writing on the tights says "peace." You'd think I would know that, having studied two years of college level Mandarin. Well it was a long time ago, cut me some slack. I can barely remember how to write my own name at this point.

Note Thirteen in the background of the photo. She looks vaguely disturbed, like she's trying to figure out whether I'm going to do something that will require her to get up and hide. Life is difficult when you are a dog whose laziness is only matched by your neuroses.

tights, day 15


On to today's photo. This is my other pair of white tights. I really like softer, thicker, cotton-socky tights like this. This morning I was wondering why I hadn't worn this pair all winter, until I sat down on something cold and realized they have a hole in the back of one leg. That's probably why. I was trying to convince myself that no one would notice, but at my lunch with the office today Jason said "Hey Sarah, you have a hole in the back of your tights." So much for that!

Other than that, this pair is still in good condition. I'm going to hang on to them to wear with longer skirts. (Right, because I wear so many of those!) This photo also provides a better view of my new shoes.

tights, day 14


Today's been a pretty stressful day. But before I get into that, let's get caught up on tights, shall we? These orange tights were given to me at the same time as the chartreuse ones. I wore them both all the time. My favorite outfit for the orange tights was these loose navy blue shorts (they looked like a very short skirt but since they were shorts, there was no danger of exposing myself), a dark pink sweater and a bright yellow T shirt. It was this outfit, you just can't see the orange tights in the photo. I wish I had a photo of the entire ensemble, just to show people who think I wear too many colors now.

Unfortunately, this pair wasn't as astoundingly long-lasting as the chartreuse pair. These aren't microfiber, just a regular soft ribbed knit. They're pilling badly, the knees are stretched out, big runs and holes up at the top, they don't even pretend to stay up, and there's a hole in one knee and both big toes. I tossed them in the trash after taking this photo.

Goodbye, favorite orange tights. You brightened many a day. I'll think of you and miss you every time I wear my new orange tights. The new pair are nice, but they're not the same as you.

tights, day 13

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Okay, the date again matches the numbering of the tights. The tights project is back in sync. Whew!

This is far and away the coolest pair of tights I've ever owned. I've had them for years and I still get comments every time I wear them. No idea where they came from. Either Georg got them for me in NY, or I bought them at Anjana's in Chapel Hill, which once had a really good selection of tights. (Alas, no more.) This photo also gives me the opportunity to show off the groovy new shoes I got today while shoe shopping with Lisa and Shayne. I really needed another pair of black shoes to wear with skirts. These are a bit more than I had wanted to pay, but they're super styling and comfortable too. So I won't complain.

tights, day 12

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Skipping a day has caused a serious nomenclature problem. Because this is the 12th pair of tights, and the 12th day I have posted about tights, but the date is the 13th. I think after finishing this post I'm going to put on another pair of tights and take another photo to get caught up.

Anyway, these tights. Have I mentioned that you can never have too many brown tights? Because it's really true. Especially if you wear as much brown and red as I do. These shoes, from Børn, are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Including sneakers.

tights, day 11

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It's supposed to warm up again next week so I better get all the thick tights out of the way. This pair are the same style as the brown ones from Target, but I didn't get them from Target. I can't remember where they did come from unfortunately. I used to wear them all the time, but I've had them long enough that they're developing pretty big holes in the toes. I really hate that, so I rarely wear them anymore.

tights, day 10

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I have had a request for photos from a different angle. Do y'all know how hard it is to get these photos? My arms are too short to easily hold the camera far enough away. So I lean forward as far as I can, balancing with one hand on a table (when indoors) or retaining wall (when outdoors), and snap the photo with the other hand. I'm pleased just to manage one angle! I suppose I could dig out the tripod and the remote release, but that sounds way too much like work.

In any case the request came too late for today's photo. So you get the same old angle today. This is the other pair of DKNY tights that I got at Century 21 in New York in January. They're not sparkly like the grey ones, but they are microfiber so they feel nice and I expect them to last a long time.

tights, day 9

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I was weirdly tired last night and fell asleep before I had a chance to post yesterday's photo. Oops!

Like I said, you can never have too many black tights. These are thicker than the last pair of black tights I posted, making them perfect for this week's chilly weather. What's up with that, anyway? I'd gotten used to the sunny 80° days, and breezy nights with the bedroom window open. Now we're scraping frost off our cars in the morning again. At least the weather turned cold again before I got around to space-bagging all the blankets and sweaters.

The lighting yesterday was perfect: overcast, so no direct sun, but not too dark. The photo came out pretty much exactly like they really look. I guess I need to find a shady spot to take my photos on brighter days.

tights, day 8

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These are my very favorite tights. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't at all do them justice. They look off-white in the photo, but really they're a very light, yellowy green. Exactly the same as the green in the skirt I'm wearing in the photo, but a bit lighter.

I've had these forever; someone I worked with at my old job gave them to me for Christmas 8-9 years ago. The waistband is shot -- I have to wear an extra pair of underwear outside them to hold them up -- but the tights themselves are in perfect condition. They're DKNY which is why I have such a high opinion of that brand. They go with a lot of my clothes so I wear them all the time. I even found a headband that matches the tights at Target. I feel so coordinated today!

tights, day 7

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I'm too tired tonight to write much about these tights. So I'll just say that they have an interesting checked pattern in the weave, which I thought would make me want to wear them all the time but has actually had the opposite effect. Maybe the pattern is too busy and competes with my clothes or something, I don't know. Still, one can never have too many black and brown tights.

Also, my floor looks really dusty even though I swept this morning. This time of year is bad for the floors because the dogs are in and out constantly, tracking dust and pollen in every time.

tights, day 6


I had hoped to spend the day in my pajamas, which didn't work out because I had to go out for groceries. But on the bright side, the rain cooled things down enough that I could wear today's tights. I hardly ever wore this pair because I remembered them being too snug & not staying up very well. But today they fit just fine. And they're cute, too. It's kind of a shame that I'm rediscovering some great tights in my closet, now that it's getting too warm to wear them. I wish I had started this tights project in the beginning of winter!

(The extra bonus of this entry is the photo of .... someone else's overgrown driveway. Not mine, no sir!)

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